By Rey Anthony Chiu | 09:25 PM October 01, 2021

Targeting to vaccinate 70% of the local population entails more than getting 976,000 vaccines for Bohol, it means getting twice that.

With Bohol population pegged at 1,394329 in the last census, 70 % of the local population should be about 976,030.

But, with two shots needed to get a person the full protection against coronavirus disease, Bohol still needs a staggering 1.9 million doses to get to that.

In its last Friday’s report, Bohol Provincial Health Office, the base of operations of the Provincial Vaccine Operation Center of the Bohol Inter Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, shared that since March 6, 2021 when the first batch of vaccines arrived, Bohol has since received 467,892 doses of the Covid vaccines.

This is 1,484,168 vaccine doses short of the jabs needed to afford Bohol its much needed herd immunity that will render Covid into an insignificant threat.

To date, Bohol has fully vaccinated 182,612 Boholanos since March 6. This is some 13.09% in its vaccination goal.

Another 180,757 have been given the first doses, according to the BIATF.

Over all of the 467,892 vaccine jabs received, about 363,187 have been administered, said the PHO in its September 30, 2021 report.

This leaves Bohol with a balance in stock of 104,705.

If the balance could be dispensed in the next weeks, this should give to Boholanos some 33.55% of the total population.

But then, that can still be in over a month from now.

Vaccinating 30% of the general population in an area especially like Bohol where the sea forms a natural barrier deterring people from crossing across boundaries, flattening the curve early can have better results, according to health professionals and epidemiologists studying Covid pandemic.

In the pandemic like Covid-19, the onset is often represented by a curve representing the increase in cases over a population as well as the visually representing the health care system capacity and putting in interventions that tame the infection so that communities avert the possibility of swamping the system.

With a 30% vaccination accomplishment, communities can start to see the steadying of the new cases, consequent hospitalizations and possible deaths.

And that too should not stop Bohol from seeking more vaccines to get full protection to its residents.

The government, owing to the scarcity of the vaccines, decided to ask LGUs to prepare priority lists to make sure the vaccines go first to those who direly need it.

The priority list is based on those who are normally exposed to the disease as medical and health front liners, senior citizens, those with comorbidities and then those who are in essential services to allow the economy to operate again.

After the 30% goal, the next option is to get to the 50% of the general population or 697,154 Boholanos.

That also means Bohol should get its hands into 1,394,308 jabs. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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