By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:52 PM September 18, 2021

The Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in Bohol’s tertiary hospitals, as well as Covid Isolation beds have been fully occupied, while those in the primary hospitals in Bohol show promising availability of beds, as Bohol’s hospitals are on critical alert for the surge of patients needing Covid treatment and care. 

In Bohol’s only tertiary hospital: at the Gov Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, last September 19, all 36 beds allocated for Covid ICU are occupied, and so are all of the 17 Covid isolation rooms.  

At the leading Covid dedicated government hospital here in Tagbilaran City, there were at least 7 rooms or 25% of the 28 rooms in the hospital. There were also 15 non Covid ICU vacant of the full 29 allocated, and 5 non ICU rooms for non-Covid patients. 

As to ventilator usage, the hospital still, has 4 of its 15 mechanical ventilators on standby while another 5 non mechanical ventilators of the 17 allocated, can also be used.  

A loosening up of slots in the Covid ICU, Covid Isolation, non- Covid ICU, non-ICU for non-Covid and non-ICU beds for non Covid is also seen in the city’s leading secondary hospitals.

What used to be at critical risk, 5 Covid-ICUs are now vacated of the 13 available in the city’s private hospitals. Another 7 of the 77 allocated rooms for Covid Isolation are freed.

These hospitals have also 64.28% usage if their non-Covid ICU, 54 of 158 rooms available rooms for non- ICU for non Covid patients and 12 of 15 rooms open for non-ICU for non Covid patients. 

The same scenario is seen in Bohol’s primary hospitals, except for Covid ICU which is at critical 75% occupancy rate. 

Ten days after the effectivity of an order that is expected to expand local government unit (LGU) managed quarantine and isolation facilities to cater to mild cases of coronavirus disease to decongest hospitals, the situation may have improved a bit.   

In the data available at the Emergency Operations Center dashboard of the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Disease, at least occupancy in the Covid wards, non-Covid Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Non-ICU for non-Covid beds, non ICU Covid beds and non Covid ICU beds showed a little promise compared to the situation a week ago .

Governor Arthur  Yap issued Executive Order No 45, series of 2021 which, apart from setting up restrictions while Bohol is placed under General Community Quarantine, it also mandated LGUs to maintain and expand their Quarantine and Isolation facilities. 

Such is because, by way of an order, mild Covid cases not needing admission are to be treated and managed at the LGU Quarantine and Isolation Facilities. 

The rational behind is to decongest and reserve hospital beds for severe, moderate and critical Covid patients. 

Moreover, LGUS have been mandated to prepare step-down facilities for patients meeting discharge criteria, as these will be act as the halfway house for recovering Covid patients, so their hospital beds can be available for the next Covid patient needing proper hospital care and attention. 

Another mandate, Executive Order No 44 has dismantled the mandatory five-days quarantine for incoming travelers, be they Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORS) or returning residents, and even tourists on leisure travel. 

Man see this as a burden lifted off the LGUs shoulders, as they have to operate and manage the isolation and quarantine of people who earlier tested negative for Covid via the gold standard measure via Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction.

The same EO No 44 also said those who are in the process of quarantine as earlier required, are free to break their quarantine. 

Those in quarantine due to the previous orders and are having symptoms however are to remain in quarantine until they can manifest a negative for Covid in a test via RT-PCR.

The two executive orders took effect September 8.

As this happened, by September 9 or a day later, BIATF EOC  posted 645 Boholanos on home quarantine, 725 on LGU Isolation and Quarantine Facility and 234 are on hospital confinement. 

By September 11, those on home quarantine increased to 667, those on LGU Isolation and Quarantine Facility further increased to 765 and those on hospital confinement were at 263. 

A week after September 11, those in Home quarantine blossomed to 838, on home quarantine rose to 778 while those on hospital confinement reached 282. 

That same day, September 18, there were 75% room occupancy for Covid ICU in primary hospitals, 35.6% occupancy for Covid wards, 45.65 % occupancy for Covid isolation, 43.47 for non- Covid-ICU beds, 57.00% occupancy for non-Covid ICU, 15.64% non-Covid beds for non-Covid patients. 

That same day, mechanical ventilator usage for Bohol’s primary hospitals was ay 25% while non mechanical ventilator usage was at 53.84%. 

For secondary hospitals mostly in Tagbilaran, the Covis ICU occupancy was at 38.46%, non- Covid ICU is at 64.28%, Covid Isolation at 7.59%, non-Covid ICU at 64.24, non-ICU for non-Covid beds at 34.17% and non-Covid ICU beds for non-Covid at 86.72. 

Use of mechanical ventilator for these institutions reached 25% while the non-mechanical ventilator was at 85.71% 91 usage. 

For Bohol’s tertiary hospitals, Covid ICU usage has been on critical risk at 100%, Covid ward beds at 25% occupancy while its Covid isolation is full.  

Non-Covid ICU for tertiary hospitals is at 51.72% occupancy, non-ICU for non-Covid beds are at 40% occupancy while non-ICU beds for non-Covid patients is at 39.41%. 

Utilization of mechanical ventilators in these high level hospitals is at 25% and non-mechanical ventilators is at 53.84 %. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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