By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 02:35 PM September 04, 2021

It would just take another 9 days of vaccine operations in all of Bohol’s over 50 vaccines sites before all the vaccines stocks run out here.

And at the end of the nine days of vaccine operations, Bohol would still need 71.034 doses to have fully vaccinated those having the first dose now.

At present, after 9 days of full vaccine operations, Bohol would still be giving full protection to about 25.85 % of its total population.

Given another 71,000 vaccines delivered here anytime within the 9 days, and continuing the vaccination for another 9 more days, Bohol should be able to get the 30.97% needed to flatten the curve of new cases, hospitalizations and death.

By then, only half of the 143,497 who have been given the initial doses could be catered, Bohol simply does not have vaccines anymore unless some arrive to fully protect those who have had their first jabs.

At 25% vaccination rate of its total population, Bohol is still 5% short of that dream of even just flattening the curve in coronavirus disease cases here, data from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (BIATF) revealed.

Last September 2, the Provincial Health Office, along with the BIATF EOC released its recent Covid-19 vaccination report.
In the report, it said that since Bohol started its vaccination roll-out last March 6, 2021, the province has since received 360,562 vaccines.

Of the figure, the BIATF said some 144,872 Boholanos in the priority sector have been given complete vaccination, that is, two doses of the Covid vaccines that are two-dosed, and a single jab for Johnson and Johnsons.

For the same vaccines delivered to Bohol on separate days, some 143,497 have received their initial doses.

At the current number of doses stockpiled at the Provincial Vaccination Operations Center, after fully vaccinating 144,872 and giving initial doses to another 143,497, the remaining vaccine stock would be at about 72,193.

With this remaining vaccine, only half of those awaiting for their second dose can be vaccinated and the province is still short of some 71,304 vaccine doses to fully inoculate and give full protection of the 143, 497 who have been given their initial doses.

According to BIATF spokesperson Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez, Bohol has at least about 50 vaccination sites which are all capable of vaccinating 150 persons a day.

For the whole of Bohol, the health authorities expect a daily vaccination accomplishment average of 7,500 for the 50 vaccination sites.

If no other vaccine arrives between today and a week later, Bohol would be on to another lull in the vaccination program, some 71,000 Boholanos uncertain of then their last and final dose would happen. (rahc/PAI-7/Bohol)

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