Rep. Alexie Tutor top-performing solon in Region 7 – survey

By Helen Castaño | 05:20 PM August 23, 2021

Bohol 3rd District Representative Alexie Besas-Tutor.

Bohol 3rd District Representative Alexie Besas-Tutor emerged as the top-performing congressional district representative in Bohol and one of the Top 5 in Central Visayas Region, according to an independent, noncommissioned survey.

The survey was conducted by RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD) from August 1 to 10 with a margin of error of 3 percent.

Based on the report, Tutor has a rating of 59 percent performance rating. The ratings and rankings are greatly dependent on their job performance, it was learned.

Other performing officials in Central Visayas were Rep. Pablo John Garcia ( Cebu, 3rd District) with 78 percent job performance rating, Rep. Manuel Sagarbarria ( Negros Oriental, 2nd district) with 67 percent rating, Rep. Vincent Franco Frasco ( Cebu,5th District ) with 65 percent and Rep. Arnulfo Teves Jr. ( Negros Oriental, 3rd District) with 62 percent rating.

In a press statement released by the RPMD, the expectations and duties of the Members of the Congress are extensive encompasses several roles such as “representation, legislation, and constituent services.”

“It is noteworthy to commend them for performing well in their districts, especially those who rated well in their districts, especially those who rated above 50%, no one failed,” said RPMD Executive Director Dr. Paul Martinez.

Over-all district representatives in Central Visayas are doing well in their accomplishments, however, those who are performing well should be recognized for their outstanding public service, Martinez added.

It can be noted that Tutor also ranked 5th for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Congresswomen of the Philippines.

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