By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 09:52 PM August 13, 2021

Two towns in Bohol experiences a deduction in population over the last two decades, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Census on Population and Housing in 2020 (CPH 2020) revealed.

During the public presentation of the CPH 2020 at the MetroCenter Hotel last Wednesday, PSA showed that Loon is at least a thousand less in 2020 compared to what it had in 2000.

The same is true with Candijay, which has 270 less in population over the last two decades.

Both Bohol towns enjoyed a negative population growth rates (PGR) in 2000 to 2010 and while posting finally a positive growth rate in 2020, these are still insubstantial enough to surpass the two-decades old population count.

While already enjoying a negative .55% PGR in 2000, Loon mustered a .33% population growth rate increase in 2020, but the rate is not enough to surpass the 45,215 population in 2000 as against its present count of 44,224, data from the PSA showed.

On the other hand, Candijay which nailed a negative .45% growth rate of population in 2000, moved up to .36% PGR in the 2020 CPH.

For its May 1, 2000 population 30,389, Candijay managed to move its population higher from the negative growth rate in 2000 to 30,119 or some 270 people short of the count twenty years ago.

Meanwhile, Bohol which had a May 1, 2000 population of 1,139,130 at 1.77% PGR, managed to tame its population increase to 1.74%.

The decrease in PGR however very negligibly registered the difference when the May 1, 2020 population for Bohol increased by 255,199 to nearly straddle over the 1.4 million population mark.
Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital city, despite a 2.22 PGR in 2000 managed to rein its population increase in 2020 when the city posted a0.81 % PGR.

Tagbilaran City has now some 104,976, after an increase of 27, 276 residents was recorded in the CPH 2020.

This, according to the PSA is a 0.81% increase from its 77,700 count in 2000.

Ubay town, which posted a consistent PGR increase from 1.37% in 2000 to 1.78 in 2020 now has 81,799 and sits as the second most populous town, after Tagbilaran.

Talibon is Bohol’s third most populous town at 71,272, from the 2000 CPH data which was only at 54, 147. This year, there are 17,125 more residents in this port town, in northern Bohol.

Dauis, the fourth most populous town is now at 52,492, despite a largely decreased population increase rate from 4.09% in 2000 with 26,415 to a 2.90 % PGR in 2020.

The town in the heart of Bohol, Carmen how has 49,191. In 2000, the town had a 40,713 population to make it fifth into the province’s most populous.

Inabanga sits in the sixth place for Bohol’s most populous town at 48,534 in 2020. This used to be 40,714, or some 7,820 more after 20 years.
From 40,385, Tubigon makes it to the seventh spot now with 47,886 registering a PGR of .64% in 2020.

Loon sits on the eighth place still, while Bohol’s main resort town Panglao is ninth with 39,834 at the highest population growth rate in 2020 with 3.37%.

On the tenth place is Jagna which now has 35, 832, from the population of 30,643 in 2000. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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