By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 10:10 PM August 13, 2021

Residents during the vaccination program in Tagbilaran City for senior citizens.

As of August 12, 2021, Bohol vaccination teams have completed the inoculation of 119,551 locals, hitting a 42.47% accomplishment of its master listed priorities for immediate protection.

The figure however is still 9.19 % of the total population of Bohol and way below the immediate target of getting 30% of the local population to be vaccinated.

In fact, the ultimate goal is to attain 70% vaccinating accomplishment for the entire population to start experiencing the effects of herd immunity, according to Bohol Inter Agency Task Force BIATF) spokes-person Dr Cesar Tomas Lopez.

Epidemiologists have also said that while the vaccinating 70% of the total population in a place is too far off a goal with issues of vaccine scarcity haunting, a 30% vaccination accomplishment will allow the population to see a leveling off of local affectation.

This means that once attained, there would be no more increase in the statistics, the active cases curve would flatten and so with it, other key indicators of the disease threat.

As to the Emergency Operations Center of the BIATF, by August 12, Bohol vaccination teams have also given the first doses of the two-dose-vaccine regimen to 98,484 Boholanos, who are also expected to get their second doses for complete protection against the coronavirus disease after a month’s time or in three weeks at least.

While the vaccination is still on its full swing with Tagbilaran City now getting the vaccines to its senior citizens who are incapable of getting to the vaccination sites, towns which have also received their share of the newly arrived vaccines continue their vaccination drives.

All in all, as of Aug 12, Bohol has gotten to a total of 218,035 people who got their first or second doses of the COVID vaccines.

Since March 6 when Bohol started the National vaccination rollout with the first inoculations given to medical front line workers at the Gov Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, Bohol has since received 281,130 doses of the needed vaccines.

This week, or until the next batch of vaccines arrive here, local vaccination teams still have 63,095 doses to administer before the vaccines run out again.

At a maximum of 7,000 to 8,000 vaccine doses consumption in a day here, the available vaccines may still last for a full week of vaccination.

Bohol has declared a two-weeks long travel entry ban so it can devote its time to large scale vaccinations, which could increase local protection from the disease and its deadly variants. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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