Bohol set to start Covid-19 vax for senior citizens in masterlist

Bohol is set to start its Covid-19 vaccination for senior citizens who are in the masterlist comprising Priority Group A2.

Across the region’s four provinces, 22,499 senior citizens have been given their first dose of the vaccine that is expected to give enough protection for the elderly which comprise the biggest slice in the morbidity pie of those affected by the disease.

This constitutes 3.7 percent of the total number of senior citizens in the Central Visayas masterlist as submitted by the provincial authorities of the region’s four provinces.

Of the 22,499 individuals given the first jab, 297 of them have completed their second dose of the vaccines, the same report states. 

Some 325 of these senior citizens in the region received AstraZeneca, while the 22,499 as reported above received Sinovac as their first dosage of the vaccine.

According to health authorities, one has to get the same vaccine received in the first dose.

It should be given not less than 28 days or four weeks after the first Sinovac jab and 4-12 weeks after the first AstraZeneca jab.

The region has 527,229 senior citizens in the overall masterlist from Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental and Siquijor, data from the National COVID-19 Vaccine Operation Center (NCVOC) revealed.

In its report dated May 12, 2021, the NCVOC also shared that across the country, they have received a masterlist of 7,878,805 senior citizens.

As to the region’s priority group A1, or those healthcare workers in the frontline, 119,904 of the 1,550,758 or roughly 77.26 percent have been vaccinated of the first dose and some for the second dose as of May 13, 2021.

Some 88,380 have been given their first jab care of the Sinovac, while the remaining 31,524 have been given AstraZeneca, according to the same report.

Of these, 41,121 frontline medical health workers have completed their second dose of Sinovac, as those who have taken the Astrazeneca on their first dose would need a much longer time to get the second dose.

In the country, 385,904 individuals with comorbidities and 8,923 frontline personnel in essential sectors, both in public and private sectors, were given the vaccines.

They comprise priority Group A3 and A4, according to the national vaccine rollout plan.

Of these, 212,381 individuals with comorbidity (A3) and 192 frontline personnel in essential sectors (A4) both in public and private sectors in the country have already completed their two-dose Sinovac vaccine regimen.

Of the same date, with the arrival of Gamaleya’s Sputnik and Pfizer’s vaccines, 14,967 individuals working in the health and medical services have been given Sputnik while 3,830 individuals were given Pfizer vaccines, all of them in the National Capital Region.

In Bohol, authorities at the Provincial Health Office reported the receipt of 44,740 Sinovac vaccines, completing the inoculations for 32,625 and 21,280 Astrazeneca vaccines for 5,297 Boholano frontliners.

Over 32,000 medical and healthcare frontliners are also in the list to be vaccinated to get them complete protection from the disease. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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