By J. Jala | 10:24 PM April 28, 2021

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has recovered an MD520 helicopter that crashed into the seawaters off Jandayan Island in Getafe town on Tuesday, April 27.

The helicopter, assigned to the 15th Strike Wing, had been conducting routine operations at the time of the accident. Though three crewmembers were rescued, the pilot identified as Capt. Aurelios Olaso Olano died.

The helo sank to the bottom.

The aircraft was hauled from a depth of at least 15 meters of sea water April 28, a video of the retrieval was posted in the social media.

The JFAP Construction owned by Ormoc-based businessman Engr. Joseph Frederick A. Pepito offered their equipments to the 505 search and rescue team for the retrieval of the helicopter.

Based on official reports, the helicopter left Mactan Airbase for a periodic maintenance flight but it suddenly experienced turbulence while on air.

The pilot, Capt. Aurelios Olano, was killed while three Air Force personnel were injured during the mishap.

Olano, 32, hailed from Candijay town, Bohol.

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