Philippine Air Force Statement on helicopter mishap in Bohol


Capt. Aurelios Olano

On April 27 2021, one (1) MD520MG # 410 from the 15th Strike Wing figured in a mishap in the vicinity of Jetafe, Bohol at around nine thirty in the morning, while conducting engineering flight.

Members of the PAF 505 Search and Rescue Group, the 47IB, and the Bohol PDRRMO rushed to the crash site to immediately rescue members of the aircrew who were brought to the nearest hospital for proper medical attention. Three (3) of the aircrew survived.

The men and women of the Philippine Air Force, led by the Commanding General, LTGEN ALLEN T PAREDES PAF, deeply grieves the loss of an aircrew who offered his life in the line of duty.

As of this writing, families of the involved personnel are being informed of the incident. We request that while this is being done, all concerned will be sensitive to the families involved. The PAF will provide all necessary assistance and financial aid for the bereaved family.

Meanwhile, the PAF has grounded the MG520 fleet. It assures the public that all of its air assets are undergoing strict, regular, and redundant maintenance inspections before and after flight missions.

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