By J. Jala | 10:34 PM December 11, 2020
Master carver Cristino Tatoy. Contributed Photo

Cristino Tatoy, a well-known figure in the woodcarving world, died on Thursday, Dec. 10. He was 53.

His death was confirmed by his friends and relatives.

From Maribojoc town, he taught himself woodcarving, becoming so skillful that some of prominent families in Bohol commissioned him to create miniature replica of old churches and saints.

He had a keen memory of the details of old churches.

He became not only an expert, but also the maker of sought-after sculptures of his own.

For Tatoy, carving was as much an intellectual exercise as a physical one.

In 2013, he was hired as one of the instructors at Escuela Taller Bohol, the second training center in the Philippines under the supervision and management of Escuela Taller De Filipinas Foundation, Inc. (ETFFI) a non-profit organization established in December 2013.

He supervised and trained students to equip the youth with knowledge and specialized skills to help them uplift their economic status while focusing on the preservation of heritage structures in Bohol.

Master carver Cristino Tatoy (center) at Escuela Taller Bohol in Maribojoc town, Bohol. Contributed Photo

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