‘Kumpare’ arrested for trying to rape ‘kumare’ in Valencia town

By J. Jala | 05:51 PM November 11, 2020

Village tanods on Tuesday arrested a suspect who tried to rape his “kumare” in Valencia town.

The victim told police that her “kumpare” identified as Alex Taguines, 28, tried to rape her at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police Staff Sergeant Urcel Crista of Valencia Police Station said while the victim was sleeping with her two children–aged two and eight months– the suspect, who was allegedly drunk, crawled towards the victim and touched her private part.

The victim who was startled at what happened screamed that prompted the suspect to fled.

The victim asked helped from their village chief to conduct an operation which resulted in the arrest of the suspect who hid in a hut.

The suspect was turned-over to Valencia Police Station.

The suspect is now facing a charge of attempted rape after the police filed the complaint against him before the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

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