By Marisol Bo-oc | 02:25 PM October 26, 2020
KC Montero

KC Montero, the host of pageant, earned criticisms over his on-stage talk with Miss Bohol Pauline Amelinckx, who was adjuged third runner-up during the Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

During the Top 5 final interview, KC asked Pauline how she’s doing to which she responded, “I’m doing good. Thank you for asking. How about you?”. To it, the host told the candidate that “Oh, no one ever asks” him questions.

Pauline apologized and asked him if she must have not done it.

“Sorry, should I not have done that?”

KC Montero said, “It’s okay, I’ll go ahead and read what you’re supposed to comment on”.

It earned him criticisms.

A lot of people tagged KC as rude and unprofessional over his on-stage talk with Miss Bohol.

However, Pauline defended KC from criticisms.

“Please let me put this out there. KC is a great and engaging host.

“We had small talk on stage before the QnA which helped me take a breath and calm my nerves before answering the Question.

“That part was indeed cut short for airtime. Regardless, what he said in response to me asking how he was doing was just humor to me.

“No harm was done in my eyes. But this has gone out of hand and I just want to remember the entire experience in the most positive way possible, because it was a positive experience to begin with,” explained Pauline.

KC also said that he had no intention to bully Pauline.

“Just a heads up, the exchange between me and Ms. Bohol was edited. The exchange was actually a couple of minutes more of us joking with each other. Unfortunately it was cut and edited for time, ” KC tweeted.

“Not to mention, when I interviewed her in the top 5 we were chit chatting too,” KC said.

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