By Helen Castano, Marisol Bo-oc | 08:09 PM October 23, 2020
Miss Misamis Oriental Caroline Veronilla Miss Bohol Pauline Amelincx. Images: Miss Universe Philippines

The word Visayan word “puhon” sparked a debate to what it means after two candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 gave their different interpretations of the word during the preliminary interview.

Miss Bohol Pauline Amelincx and Miss Misamis Oriental Caroline Veronilla described the word “puhon” as a beautiful word from their language.

Pauline said it meant “hopefully, ” while Caroline defined it as “soon”.

Question: What is one beautiful word in your local language or dialect? And what does it mean?

“I would like to choose the word “puhon.” It means hopefully. It’s the word that we use whenever we talk something that gonna will happen in the future. Like I gonna join the Miss Universe Philippines “puhon”, hopefully with God’s blessings,” answered Pauline.

“I have always love the word “puhon.” Puhon is translated into “someday”, “soon”. And it is something that inspires me, it gives me hope, it makes me to look to the future. Puhon. Sometimes we use it, “Kita ra ta puhon.” “Sabay rata puhon.” So someday. And that is something I look forward to,” said Caroline.

Miss Misamis Oriental Caroline Veronilla Miss Bohol Pauline Amelincx. Images: Miss Universe Philippines

Some netizens were quick to comment that Pauline was wrong with her definition of ” “puhon.” Others said Caroline was right.

Some said both girls were right since the Binol-anon and Sugbuanon languages are diverse languages. One local word to have multiple dialectical meanings and variations in every place or region they are spoken.

But what does it really mean?

The English-Visayan Cebuano Dictionary by Akademyang Bisaya Inc. published by SunStar in 2009 translated “puhon” as “God willing.”

In Kapulungan (Binisaya-Iningles) by Engr. Jes B. Tirol of Lubas Sa Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI), “puhon” means an expression that signifies “God willing; may it be in the future.”

“Puhon” is synonymous with the words “haraw” and “hinaot” which mean “May it happen.”

Let us wish Pauline Amelincx our next Miss Universe, puhon. Haraw matinuod!

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