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Two episodes of GMA News TV’s “Pinas Sarap” featured some of Bohol’s local dishes this month.

The airing of its first episode last Feb. 7 highlighted the different freshly caught seafood in Panglao Island.

First stop: Virgin Island in Panglao

Host Kara David didn’t miss to visit and see for herself the seafood stalls there.

There is an estimated number of about 50 stalls set-up there by local fishermen.

Here are some of the seafood dishes being offered here in the island.

“Abalone Fried Rice”

The abalone had to be boiled first before its intestines were removed.

In order to make this dish, all you need is chili powder, black pepper, salt, and soy sauce.

Abalone here is sold at P200 per piece by some fishermen.

Sea Urchin Fried Rice

This was cooked using carrots, onions, bell pepper and chili.

Some fishermen also offer the eating of fresh “swaki” or sea urchins at P20 per piece.

Here are the other seafood sold here.

Saang” – spider seashell (P50)

Sea cucumber



Here are the other seafood that were highlighted in the program during their two-day visit in Bohol.

Takla” of Calape

This is being sold at P400 per kilo.

Locals gather “takla” or crayfish in the muddy mangrove area in the town.

The TV program featured two dishes made out of this seafood.

Sinigang na “Takla”

Ginataang “Takla

“Betsukol” of Catigbian

Betsukol is a type of seashell that you can find in Catigbian town in Bohol.

Local fishermen gather them from fresh seawater like the river.

There are also two ways of preparing this.

“Betsukol” na Adobo sa Gata

“Knilaw na Betsukol

“Takugan” of Calape

These shells are also famous local seafood delicacy in this town.

Fishermen gather them with the use of a knife.

This shell is cooked into “chicharon”.

But before it’s cooked, it’s boiled, peeled, and sun dried. Then, deep fried into hot oil.

KA-saRAp cooks “seafood halang-halang”

Host Kara tried to cook this recipe she got from Boholana Retchelyn Lacea Gagne.

This segment of the program features local recipes from the towns they visit and the host tries to cook it.

Gagne gave Kara’s take on her own recipe a thumbs up after tasting it.

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