BARK: ‘Barbaric’ dog, cat meat trade continues in Bohol

By J. Jala BoholIslandNews.Com | 05:01 PM January 10, 2020

Grossed out at the thought of eating dog and cat meat?

Undercover surveillance by animal rights and rescue non-governmental organization revealed the ongoing back-alley slaughter and barbecuing dogs and cats in Bohol province.

Bohol Animal Rescue and Kindness, also known as BARK Inc., has been working to eradicate this vile, illegal industry, reported animal cruelty cases in the province.

“Just recently (January 5, 2020), we received another report. This time from Barangay Sentinela, Ubay,” the group posted on its Facebook page.

BARK added that there were residents who slaughtered dogs and cats for their meat intended for celebrations and special occasions like birthday parties and special drinking sessions with family and friends.

“There are individuals taking care of cats and dogs and killing them for their meat,” the post continued.

BARK further said they coordinated with Ubay agriculture officer Marianito Doydora and his office promised to conduct an investigation.

BARK also shared “some” of the reports of animal cruelty and neglect that they received from time to time.

” Let us be vigilant. Be aware and educate yourself. Report any animal cruelty to the nearest police station, to your barangay or send us a message,” BARK said.

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