By Bohol Island News Staff | 06:28 PM December 30, 2019
Dao Market.

Aside from the fireworks and food, one of the most common traditions of Filipinos during Media Noche is to serve 12 different round fruits on the table believed to bring in good luck and fortune for the New Year.

Other Filipinos prepare 13 round fruits for luck and prosperity.

However, there are those who buy even not round fruits such as papaya, pineapple, guyabano and banana which mean bills.

Master Hanz Cua, in a report by Manila Bulletin, encouraged the people to serve sweets to signify unity among family members.

“Pineapple is the most important fruit of all. You may include apples, banana, mango, orange, grapes, chico, pears, melon, guyabano, mangosteen, watermelon and atis.”

Here are the prices of these delicious lucky charms:

Kiat-kiat- P90/pack

Mango -P110/kilo

Mandarin orange-P15/piece

Orange- P10/piece

Lemon- P20/piece

Nangka (Jackfruit)-P30/kilo

Apple (Fuji)-P10/pice

Apple (red)- P25/piece

Tambis (Water apple)- P50/kilo

Tisa (Egg fruit)- P40/kilo

Guyabano- P60/kilo


Ubas (Grapes)- P200-P300/kilo

Watermelon- P45-60/kilo



Banana (tundan)-P35-40/kilo

Banana (green)-P25-P30/kilo

Pineapple- P35/kilo


Papaya -P35/kilo

Vendors also prepared packs complete with 12 fruits.

Big Pack- P880

Medium Pack- P400-P550


A variety of these fruits are on display in Cogon, Dao and City Square.

Cogon Market.
Tagbilaran City Square.

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