By Inday Chikadora / 02:57 PM October 20, 2019
Khinzy, 19, is Mister Teen ICM October candidate Photo: ICM

The official candidates of Mister and Miss Teen ICM for the month of November:

1. Aaliyah Yusalina
2. Hye Jin Min
3. Marielle Frances Ramos
4. Andrhea Lanit
5. Bhea Minion

1. Charl Michael Lim
2. Mark Nester Concha
3. Nathanielle Bullecer
4. Chad Randle Phillips
5. Roseller James Elludar

Catheren, 16, is Miss Teen ICM October candidate. Photo: ICM

Monthly winners will receive P3,000 cash each male and female candidates.

Non-winners will receive P1, 500 each.

Mr and Miss Teen ICM is a search for the next shopping ambassadors of the Island City Mall.

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