Two suicide cases in Bohol on Monday, September 30

By Bohol Island News Staff / 07:02 PM September 30, 2019

Two suicide cases in Bohol province were recorded on Monday, September 30.

In Loon town, a man was found dead at his house early this morning in an apparent suicide.

Loon police said the 27-year-old man was found hanging with a rope around his neck by his father at 6 a.m.

Three hours after the suicide incident in Loon, a striker or errand boy at the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Tagbilaran also died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, police said.

The man was found inside the ship owned by PCG docked at the Tagbilaran Pier at past 9 a.m.

The staff’s death marks the tenth apparent suicide in the province for this month alone.

NEED HELP: If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or showing signs of depression, you may reach out to the 24–hour
Tawag Paglaum at 0939-937-5433/0939-936-5433/0927-654-1629.

Eds’ note: Bohol Island News Team decided to withhold the name of the victims in suicide cases to respect the privacy of the victim’s grieving loved ones.

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