Candijay town under state of calamity due to El Niño

Emergency funds will be provided to areas in Candijay affected by the dry spell

By Bohol Island News Staff | 11:57 AM September 26, 2019

The town of Candijay in the province of Bohol was placed under a state of calamity due to the long dry spell.

The declaration of a state of calamity last Monday, September 23, will allow the local government to disburse the emergency funds to affected areas.

The resolution said that the impacts of El Niño to aqua and agriculture, water system, health, lives and livelihood of every Candijaynon are “substantial and overwhelming”.

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As per report from the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, water sources of Panadtaran and La Union Pumping Stations already dried out while the remaining six (6) Pumping stations of the Municipality are in various stages of drying out, affecting all of the residents in the Municipality.

The water supply to every household through their water system has dwindled, and some, have completely stopped.

Water rationing has also been implemented in several barangays. The water tankers and BFP Fire Truck are augmented to ration water to households.

Out of 3,144 farmers of the above mentioned rice fields, only 1,021 were able to plant. There were 2,123 that were heavily affected, as they were not able to plant their rice fields after it has already dried out.

In coastal barangays Cogtong and Panas, Habagat caused fisherfolks to stay inland, hindering them to earn income.

The town of Sierra Bullones has already been placed under state of calamity last August due to water shortage.

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