DSWD-7 needs 2,437 staff for Listahanan 3rd Round

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region 7 (DSWD-7) is looking for individuals for their upcoming Listahanan 3rd Round Assessment in October.

Hilton Edrial, regional field coordinator of Listahanan, said they need a total of 2,437 staff for this.

According to Edrial, they need 59 area coordinator; 297 area supervisor; 1,484 enumerators, 297 encoders; 297 verifiers; and 3 encoding supervisor.

The assessment targets a total of 1,068,708 households to be assessed in the region.

In Cebu alone, they are going to assess 551,791 households. In neighboring provinces of Bohol with 244,630 households; Negros Oriental with 252,525 households; and in Siquijor with 19,763 households.

Graeme Armecin, division chief of the policy and plans of DSWD-7, explained that the Listahanan is doing this assessment every four years in order to identify who and where the poor are.

They use proxy means test like observable indicators that include Household Characteristics and Individual Characteristics in order to quantify the income of that household.

The Listahanan assessment has four phases: preparatory (1st phase), data collection and analysis (2nd phase),

validation and finalization (3rd phase), and reports generation and data sharing(4th phase).

The 2nd phase, which will begin on October, will last for 45 days. After which, results will be posted in the respected barangay under the 3rd phase.

From this, an individual who deemed they should be included in the list may file for an on-demand application before the final list will be generated.

According to Edrial, it usually takes tem a year for them to complete it.

For those interested to apply may visit the regional office of DSWD-7 in Cebu City. //

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