Laziest Citizen’ contest in Montenegro has people lying down for over 30 days

By BIN Staff | 08:22 PM September 19, 2023

The Laziest Citizen competition entered its
30th day on Monday, breaking the previous 24-day record as five contestants remain lying in bed in hope of winning a 1,000-euro prize for the one who remains horizontal for longest.

The Balkan Insight said that the annual contest, held at a holiday resort in the Montenegrin village of Brezna, started on August 19, with 21 competitors.

The favorite to win is a 21-year-old from Serbia.

“It is a very psychological competition, and the participants are interesting personalities,” contest organiser Radonja Blagojevic, who owns the holiday resort, told media.

“They are a great team and some friendships will remain there,” Blagojevic added.

The contest was first held in 2001 in Brezna to poke fun at the Balkan stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy.

Most of the competitors have come from Montenegro, but there have also been participants from neighbouring Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as from Russia and Ukraine.

According to the rules, competitors are accommodated at holiday resort, where they are given three meals a day and have the right to go to the toilet every eight hours.

As per Geo News, people are under care, and their health is looked after. Their only responsibility is to remain still, as standing or sitting would result in immediate disqualification. They have 10 minutes every eight hours to use the restroom and can do things like read or use technological devices.

In the former Yugoslavia, various ethnic groups or nationalities were made the butt of jokes based on generalised stereotypes. Such jokes often characterised Montenegrins as lazy people who prefer to remain in bed.

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