PHO records 5,880 rabies cases in Bohol

By PIMO | 09:09 PM July 09, 2023

Rabies cases and deaths in Bohol have increased, with 5880 cases reported this year and seven deaths, according to the Provincial Health Office, July 10, 2023.

This was reported by PHO’s Rabies Prevention and Control Program coordinator Polizena Rances during the flag ceremony conducted at the Provincial Capitol Building. Rances said the uptick is attributed to the Provincial Government of Bohol’s Anti-Rabies Intensive Education Campaign to increase awareness of the virus fatality. The Coordinator emphasized the importance of reporting when bitten or scratched by animals, as PHO concluded that all seven cases were not disclosed to the province’s animal bites center during their initial investigation. Rabies is 100 percent fatal with no established effective treatment, but can be prevented through proper cleaning and Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) vaccines when faced with an animal bite incident, PHO said. 

Rances advised Boholanos to wash their wounds immediately with soap and warm water after an animal bites them and bring themselves to the nearest animal bite centers for the Anti-Rabies vaccine. Bohol currently has 15 Animal Bite Centers, consisting of public and private health facilities, that Boholanos can go to to prevent rabies infection.

PHO also reported the increase of stray dogs as a factor for the rise of rabies cases, urging dog owners to be responsible with their pets through leashing and up-to-date pet vaccinations. Governor Aris Aumentado issued a memorandum to reinforce responsible pet ownership last January 9 due to the increasing number of stray dog-related road accidents and animal bites in Bohol as part of the Strategic Change Agenda on safety and wellness for Boholanos. 

Aumentado will also strengthen section 7 of the Provincial Ordinance No. 2007-012 entitled, “Strengthening the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Eradication Program,” which deals with preventing the spread of rabies in animals and human death in Bohol. (PiMO/GMC)

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