Tagbilaran City Mayor Yap delivers 1st Soca, highlights ‘womb to tomb’ services

By BIN Staff | 06:44 PM July 02, 2023

Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Yap delivered her first State of the City Address (Soca) during the commemoration of the City’s 57th Charter Day on Saturday, July 1, wherein she enumerated the accomplishments of her administration.

Yap, the first woman and youngest mayor here, reported before the Sangguniang Panlungsod members her accomplishments for one year of her term as Tagbilaran’s leader.

In her speech, Yap emphasized her “Asenso Pa More Serbisyong Gugma para sa Tanan, Serbisyong Womb to Tomb” for Tagbilaran City which consist of her vision for health, wellness, abundance, and prosperity.

“Today, is also special as it marks one year since I received the overwhelming mandate from the people of Tagbilaran to continue the legacy of Mr. Asenso Pa More Mayor Baba Yap. Undoubtedly, stepping into his shoes and upholding his vision of a stable, caring, and compassionate government is no small task. However, I have prepared myself for these formidable challenges.  And with the strong support of the Tagbilaranons, we have accomplished so much in just a year’s time,” she said.

Yap said the duty of the city government started from conception to death.

“Let’s begin with prenatal healthcare, a crucial aspect of our womb services. Our government has made significant investments in ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and their babies. 1,184 pregnant women underwent pre-natal check-ups, received free vitamins and supplements and participated in prenatal education and counseling with topics on nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, and parenting. We also have successful deliveries at the Tagbilaran City Birthing and Baby Care Facility,” said Yap.

The Tagbilaran City Primary Care Facility accommodated 1,171 post-partum visit and we provided free vitamins to 1,999 mothers.  

There were 1,217 fully immunized children in the city and provided measles rubella vaccine and oral polio vaccine to 7,078 children aged 0-59 months. 1,416 children also received flu vaccine. 

In the past 12 months, the City Health Office and Primary Care Facility has provided 34,093 laboratory services, 8,058 xray services, 249 ultrasound services and 808 dental services.

True to our commitment of bringing health services closer to the people, the BALAY-to-BALAY health check-up team personally visited 60 patients in their homes. 

Aside from that, the Tagbilaran City Mobile Clinic with X-Ray, Ultrasound, Laboratory, and ECG capabilities.  This clinic on wheels is making its rounds to the barangays, providing convenient doorstep access to essential health services. 

The city provides burial in the amount of P15,000 to each of the families of deceased Tagbilaranons.  The city also extended other forms of assistance to the bereaved family by providing free use of tents and buses.  

Tagbilaran has extended P5.4 million of college scholarships to a total of 853 students offering them the invaluable opportunity to pursue their higher education aspirations. 

Its Tagbilaran City College (TCC) had produced its first batch of graduates this year. There were 453 TCC graduates were awarded degrees in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.  

 “All these infrastructure initiatives endeavor to create an environment that fosters seamless connectivity, facilitates economic growth, and pave way for a more developed Tagbilaran,” said Yap.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office under its Livelihood Assistance Grant has transformed the lives of 529 Tagbilaranons who are now proud owners of their own small businesses like sari-sari stores or fruit stalls. 

There were 658 new businesses from January to June 2023 in the city for jobs generation, greater economic activity and increased revenue streams.

Tagbilaran went digital.
The city government has digitally upgraded its emergency response system with the 8E Multi-Emergency Early Response App System. It is a handy mobile app that links and communicates directly and instantly with the nearest emergency responders. In just one click of the help button in your cellphone, rescuers can locate you and respond to any emergency, accident or life-threatening moments.

Even the tricycle units, which is the basic mode of transportation in the city, have become digital. They can now receive electronic payments.
The city also introduced cashless payment in public markets through the Paleng-QR Ph Plus. Tagbilaran is the first city in the whole of the Visayas to adopt Paleng-QR Ph Plus. 
Their digitalization program also extends to their pet registry. Tagbilaran City has the first free microchipping services for pets in the province of Bohol.  This microchip technology will reunite lost pets and help address rabies cases and road accidents.

Yap reported other  accomplishments  ,  among them the birthday caked and cash gift for Persons with disabilities (PWDs)  and senior citizens of Tagbilaran.

There were 11,779 Tagbilaran Senior Citizens have received their birthday cakes and cash gift in the total amount of P26,890,200 since July 2022. An additional cash gift of P10,000 each to 79 Senior Citizens who have reached 90 years old. 

She also cited, in her Soca, the ongoing projects such as Tagbilaran City Coliseum and Cogon Public Market. The super mega health center and dialysis center and tenement will soon take shape after ground breaking.

In the recent Bohol Poll 2023 conducted by Holy Name University Center for Research and Publications, Yap received an excellent satisfaction rating of 79%.   

The RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. also conducted a “Boses ng Bayan” performance assessment survey in which Yap emerged as one of the top 5 performing first-term city mayors in the entire Philippines and top 2 city mayor in Central Visayas. 

” I want to express my deepest gratitude to our diligent City Hall family. From the very beginning, you warmly welcomed me and embraced the vision we set forth for Tagbilaran. Your unwavering passion for excellence is an inspiration. To our department heads and staff, I am truly honored and blessed to have such devoted individuals working relentlessly to serve our constituents,” Yap said. With reports from Helen Castaño

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