FULL TEXT: 57th Charter Day Message and State of the City Address (SOCA)  by Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Yap

By BIN | 08:35 PM July 01, 2023

Here is the transcript of Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Yap’s State of the City Address (SOCA) 2023.

57th Charter Day Message and State of the City Address (SOCA) of Mayor Jane Yap

July 1, 2023

It is truly a special occasion as we gather here today to celebrate the 57th Charter Day of our beloved City of Tagbilaran.  

On this momentous day, we reflect upon the extraordinary path that has led us to this significant milestone—a journey characterized by growth, progress, and a strong sense of unity. 

57 years ago today, our city was granted its charter, entrusting us with the privilege and duty of self-governance. 

And today, as we reflect upon our collective achievements, we hold immense pride and draw inspiration from the remarkable transformation of Tagbilaran City. 

This pride is rooted in our deep admiration for the visionary founding fathers and trailblazing leaders of Tagbilaran.  They have shaped Tagbilaran into the vibrant and secure city it is today. 

The City Charter Day not only commemorates the legal establishment of our city but also serves as a reminder of the achievements and contributions of our citizens throughout the years.   We honor the shared efforts of our community, the resilience of our people, and the spirit of unity that bind us together.

Today, is also special as it marks one year since I received the overwhelming mandate from the people of Tagbilaran to continue the legacy of Mr. Asenso Pa More Mayor Baba Yap. Undoubtedly, stepping into his shoes and upholding his vision of a stable, caring, and compassionate government is no small task. However, I have prepared myself for these formidable challenges.  And with the strong support of the Tagbilaranons, we have accomplished so much in just a year’s time.  

With utmost humility, I present the City Government’s one year report card, a testament to the unyielding dedication and collaborative efforts of the city hall family, our esteemed Sangguniang Panlungsod, our dedicated barangay officials, government agencies, the business sector, and the civil society organizations, including our media partners.  

Together, we have relentlessly strived to serve the people of Tagbilaran, working diligently to fulfill their needs and aspirations. This report card reflects our unified commitment to excellence and our unwavering focus on the welfare of our city and its people.

Allow me to provide you with an update on the key priorities I highlighted during my inauguration which is called – Asenso Pa More SERBISYONG GUGMA PARA SA TANAN….. SERBISYONG WOMB TO TOMB

From the very moment of birth and at every stage of life, it is the duty of a responsible and caring city government to ensure the well-being, development, and quality of life of every resident. 

Today, I am humbled to stand before you and share the extraordinary progress we have made in transforming Tagbilaran city into a true hub of womb-to-tomb services. 

Let’s begin with prenatal healthcare, a crucial aspect of our womb services. Our government has made significant investments in ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and their babies. 1,184 pregnant women underwent pre-natal check-ups, received free vitamins and supplements and participated in prenatal education and counseling with topics on nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, and parenting. We also have successful deliveries at the Tagbilaran City Birthing and Baby Care Facility. 

After the mother gives birth, we are able to provide post-natal support and growth development monitoring in all our 15 barangay health centers. Our Tagbilaran City Primary Care Facility accommodated 1,171 post-partum visit and we provided free vitamins to 1,999 mothers.  

We have 1,217 fully immunized children in the city and provided measles rubella vaccine and oral polio vaccine to 7,078 children aged 0-59 months. 1,416 children also received flu vaccine. 

In the past 12 months, our City Health Office and Primary Care Facility has provided 34,093 laboratory services, 8,058 xray services, 249 ultrasound services and 808 dental services.

Just this week, the City Government is grateful for our partnership with Medical Missions Foundation – Kansas City for a series of healthcare initiatives.  1,000 individuals received free reading eye glasses, 42 patients underwent free major surgery, 200 benefited from the dental services and 162 boys underwent free circumcision.  Another 809 boys already availed of the libreng Operation Tuli in the past months.  

True to our commitment of bringing health services closer to the people, our BALAY-to-BALAY health check-up team personally visited 60 patients in their homes. 

Aside from that, we now have our Tagbilaran City Mobile Clinic with X-Ray, Ultrasound, Laboratory, and ECG capabilities.  This clinic on wheels is making its rounds to the barangays, providing convenient doorstep access to essential health services.  Thank you Senator Risa Hontiveros.  

We are also happy that we are starting the construction of the Tagbilaran City Super Mega Health Center.  This 3 story building is a one-stop-shop health facility where Tagbilaranons can readily avail themselves of various health care services and facilities under one roof such as xray, ultra sound, ECG, 2D ECHO and city scan.  

It will also feature the first ever government owned and operated physiochemical laboratory in the province of Bohol. 

We are also excited with the construction of the Tagbilaran City Dialysis Center which will have an initial facility of 10 dialysis machines once the center will be operational. 

Our health initiatives have been recognized as Tagbilaran City was awarded top performing LGU on increased budget allocated to health with 100% health budget utilized. We also received the John Snow Award for outstanding performance in Disease surveillance and response.  The city is also a platinum awardee in the national voluntary blood services. We are also among the top performing LGUs in the COVID-19 vaccination for the general population and senior citizen categories. 

The City government has digitally upgraded its emergency response system with the 8E Multi-Emergency Early Response App System or 8 EMEERAS. It is a handy mobile app that links and communicates directly and instantly with the nearest emergency responders. In just one click of the help button in your cellphone, rescuers can locate you and respond to any emergency, accident or life-threatening moments.

To effectively respond to basic emergencies, we are happy to announce that we have distributed first aid backpacks to all Tagbilaran City Public Schools, Daycare Centers and Barangay Centers. 

In the field of disaster preparedness, we continue to strengthen our City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office through trainings.  Our City Rescue Dive Team underwent a Rescue Divers Training and they now have the capability to conduct rescue operations underwater with scuba equipment.  As such, we can effectively respond to maritime emergencies in any of the coastal barangays of the city and provide assistance to neighboring coastal municipalities of Bohol.  

We also procured fire suits and self-contained breathing apparatus for our search, rescue and retrieval unit members.  

To bring disaster preparedness in the barangay level, CDRRMO also facilitated the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Planning 2023-2025 for all barangays.  

With all these interventions, the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and Council was awarded with the prestigious Gawad KALASAG, which stands for Kalamidad at Sakuna Labanan, Sariling Galing ang Kaligtasan, Seal of Excellence in DRRM by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

As the child grows, it is essential to focus on their comprehensive development, encompassing education, arts, sports, and other significant areas. 

We are proud to say that Tagbilaran City can adequately provide for free quality education from pre-school to college.  Currently, Tagbilaran City proudly operates our air-conditioned daycare centers, providing an enriching learning environment for 1,299 cheerful children. We have qualified teachers who are trained in early childhood development to be able to deliver exceptional educational services.  Additionally, we have implemented a nutritious supplemental feeding program to support the holistic development of our pupils. 

We have distributed Learning Materials and Educational Toys to 1,300 Day Care Children and Cabawan Elementary pupils.

Through our Special Education Fund, we are able to support the operations of all our public elementary and secondary schools by appropriating for additional 75 city paid teachers and non-teaching personnel, and for the monthly electric and water utility bills of our public school.  For the safety of our students, teachers and properties, we have provided security guards on all public schools.  In total, we have allocated 40.5 million pesos for all these maintenance and other operating expenses.

Because we recognize the hard work of our teachers, I am proud to report that we provided allowance to all public school teachers in Tagbilaran City. 

On the educational infrastructure projects, we have completed the construction of the multi purpose covered courts in Cabawan Elementary School, Dao Elementary School and San Isidro Elementary School.  We also finished the repair of the Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School Gym and the perimeter fence of Manga Elementary School.  

To ensure uninterrupted power, we have upgraded the power transformers at Manga National High School and San Isidro Elementary School. At Tagbilaran City Science High School, we have completed its powerhouse and ground leveling project.  All these infrastructure projects add to about 21 million pesos under the Special Education fund. 

With the support of the Department of Education, we now have 24 newly completed classrooms at the Tagbilaran City Central Elementary School.  Soon to be completed is a 4-Story building with 32 classrooms for the Senior High School students of Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School located at Barangay Cabawan.  We have on-going construction of additional classrooms at Tagbilaran City Science High School and Tagbilaran City Central Elementary School.

The City government procured 8 million worth of senior high school equipment such as computers, laptops, printers, sewing machines, high definition television, indoor and outdoor projectors, air-condition units, paging system, among others.

For tertiary education, I am delighted to report that Tagbilaran has extended 5.4 million pesos of college scholarships to a total of 853 students offering them the invaluable opportunity to pursue their higher education aspirations. 

Furthermore, it brings me immense joy to announce that because of our dedicated efforts, we have witnessed the successful graduation of 29 scholarship recipients with 7 of them graduating with latin honors. Their accomplishments serve as a source of inspiration, not only for their fellow students but for the entire city as well.

We are very proud that our very own Tagbilaran City College has finally produced its first batch of graduates. 453 TCC graduates were awarded degrees in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.  

A notable graduate on that batch is Ms. Basilia Villarmia who completed her degree at the age of 55.  TCC played a vital role in making her lifelong dream a reality. Indeed, we are inspired by her determination and success. We are happy that she is with us this afternoon.

In our quest to provide free quality college education to Tagbilaranons, I am delighted to share that TCC is certified UNIFAST so, all TCC students now enjoy free tuition and miscellaneous fees. 

Furthermore, we are also proud to announce the 100% completion of the 4 story building including basement of the Tagbilaran City College. 

In our effort to make TCC an optimal and modern learning environment, we have acquired an additional 2,000 books, e-books, journals and other learning resources. TCC students have free access to the digital library 24/7.  

Moreover, we are fully dedicated to continuously enhance our facilities. Through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships, we will upgrade our facilities, improve our classrooms, introduce state-of-the-art laboratories, and a comprehensive modern library that will foster academic growth. 

Together, let us continue to invest in education, recognizing its profound impact on the lives of our children and the progress of our city. 

Aside from academic development, we are dedicated to guiding and empowering our young people through our Youth and Sports Development programs. By organizing various sports activities, our goal is to keep them engaged, healthy, and away from negative influences like drugs and other vices. 

Our 630 strong Tagbilaran City delegation participated in the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association held in Cebu. We are happy to provide our city’s athletes with a complete set of uniforms, toiletries, meals, vitamins, energy drinks and a training allowance of 3,228 pesos each which is the biggest allowance among CVRAA delegates.    

We are proud that our Tagbilaran City athletes won 20 Gold medals, 30 Silver medals and 30 Bronze medals in the 2023 CVRAA Sports Meet.  Tagbilaran also placed 4th Runner-up in the Elementary Division.  Our winning athletes will also receive cash incentives. Congratulations Tagbilaran City athletes. 

To reinforce our dedication to sports, the City Government is implementing a comprehensive sports program, resulting in the cultivation of world class talents. 

Let us therefore, recognize our Tagbilaranon athletes who have brought honor to our City.  

We have another homegrown boxing talent of Tagbilaran. He is the WBC Asian Silver Super Featherweight Champion and WBO Oriental Super Featherweight Champion.  He is with us today, Mr. John Virgel “El Valiente” Vitor.

We have a weightlifting star who has won a Gold Medal in the 32nd SEA Games 2023 and another 3 Silver Medals during the 2023 Asian Weightlifting Championships. With her winning streak, she is on the road to becoming Tagbilaran’s first Olympian.  We are very proud of Ms. Vanessa Sarno.  

In addition to education and sports, nurturing creativity and cultural appreciation is equally important. Our city’s arts and culture programs offer avenues for self-expression, imagination, and exploration, allowing individuals to develop their artistic abilities and discover their unique talents. 

A significant cultural milestone for Tagbilaran was the very successful Saulog Tagbilaran 2023.  Through this festival in honor of our Patron Saint, Senyor San Jose, we showcased Tagbilaran City to the world. And in return, we received a multitude of development projects that will contribute to the city’s upliftment and progress. 

To our valued sponsors, esteemed barangay officials, enthusiastic participants, dedicated working committees, tireless volunteers, and all the wonderful people of Tagbilaran, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support in making Saulog Tagbilaran a resounding success. 

We are committed to raising the bar even higher and delivering an even more vibrant and festive celebration next year with bigger prizes and a wider array of captivating events.  

This year, we also had the opportunity to participate for the first time in the Powerful Deagu Festival in South Korea in partnership with the provincial government of Bohol.  Our Saulog sa Sandugo team won second place under the Multi-Cultural Overseas Category besting 80 other groups in the said category.

To bring national conventions, big sporting events and MICE tourism or  Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions to our City, I am thrilled to announce that we are starting the construction of the Tagbilaran City Coliseum.  This impressive mega convention coliseum has a total floor area of 4,800 square meters with a maximum capacity of 10,000 persons. It is an air-conditioned recreational space with high standard sound proofing, adequate parking areas and solar ready.  

In addition to the comprehensive range of services and programs I mentioned earlier, Tagbilaran City has also prioritized infrastructure projects to enhance the overall quality of life. 

In just one year, we are have 6 completed and on-going drainage projects and  10 completed and on-going road concreting projects. 

To improve night time visibility and for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, we have 8 completed and on-going installation of modern streetlights that features underground electrical wiring. 

To improve traffic flow, we have installed new and fully functional traffic lights in strategic areas of the city. 

Let me emphasize that efficient traffic management in Tagbilaran City is one of our top priorities. To further strengthen the workforce of the City Traffic Management Office headed by retired police lieutenant Antonio Samante, we welcome retired police lieutenant Edgardo Chan, retired police major Jesus Acullador and retired police SPO4 Bartolome Udtohan who will extend their expertise in our CTMO operations in partnership with our Tagbilaran City Police Station headed by Chief of Police Bong Sayon. 

We continue to improve our Integrated Bus Terminal and Public Markets.  We are happy to report the completed renovation of the comfort rooms at IBT and very soon, this will be upgraded into air-conditioned comfort rooms.  

Of course, we are also completing the renovation of the comfort rooms at the City Central Public Market.  

Furthermore, we are proud to report that we have started the construction of Phase 5 of the Cogon Public Market.

And finally, we have completed the new Tagbilaran City Central Park that features a Children’s Playground and a certified Pet Friendly Park where you can relax and enjoy with your beloved family and pets. 

All these infrastructure initiatives endeavor to create an environment that fosters seamless connectivity, facilitates economic growth, and pave way for a more developed Tagbilaran. 

Once a Tagbilaranon has achieved holistic development, it becomes essential for them to embark on a journey towards finding meaningful employment or starting their own business. 

Our City Social Welfare and Development Office under its Livelihood Assistance Grant has transformed the lives of 529 Tagbilaranons who are now proud owners of their own small businesses like sari-sari stores or fruit stalls. 

We provided livelihood support to about 720 individuals who availed of trainings on organic farming, aquaculture, livestock and poultry and food processing conducted by the City Agrivet Office and the Public Employment Service Office.  We also organized the Saulog Agri-Fair which has brought considerable income for our barangay exhibitors. 

We also have our Out-of-School Youth Development Programs and Projects implemented through the Youth Development Alliance of Tagbilaran City.  We are thankful to USAID Opportunity 2.0, DepEd, Sangguniang Kabataan, Department of Trade and Industry, TESDA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Information and Communications Technology and all 215 private sector groups and businesses. Together with our alliance partners, I happy to share that we have trained 883 Out-of-School youth. 

Through our City Livelihood and Community Development Unit, we were able to train and capacitate women in garments manufacturing who have now obtained TESDA NC II Certified in Tailoring.  

We are also very proud that the Tagbilaran City Garments Manufacturing Center is fully operational with the assistance of our project partner- the FCB Foundation.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the FCB Foundation and Mr. Argeo Melisimo for their invaluable support.  We take great pride that our Garments Manufacturing Center has empowered beneficiaries to generate their own income.

We have organized different women and out-of-school youth groups to be able to cascade our livelihood programs.  We helped organized the Tagbilaran City Garments Manufacturer’s Association, the Tagbilaran City Muslim Women’s Association and the Tagbilaran Youth Souvenir Manufacturers.  

We promote and market our livelihood products with our product gallery and display at the City Tourism Office and showcasing it during our city events and trade fairs. 

Our livelihood program has taken significant strides towards empowering our community with the aid of our private sector partnerships.  We have already secured a deal to supply 20,000 upcycled bags. 

We also partnered with Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA, the International Bazaar Foundation Inc., respected bag designer Zarah Juan and Spark Philippines Maica Teves for the production of the Tote-ally Green Bag. This world class quality bags, created with upcycled plastic bags and used tarpaulins, will premiere at the ASEAN summit this August and at the flagship store of Zarah Juan at Greenbelt Makati and Rockwell Makati. 

We have successfully conducted 3 local and foreign jobs fairs and 5 special recruitment activities.  We have accommodated over 1,229 applicants that resulted to 73% referrals and placements. 

We facilitated a mobile passporting service together with the Department of Foreign Affairs, enabling over 1,500 city residents to obtain their passports right here in our city without the need to travel to Cebu, Dumaguete or Manila. This convenient initiative saved our residents’ time, effort, and expenses, making the passport application process more accessible and efficient for Tagbilaranons.

We are also delighted to report that we have 658 new businesses from January to June 2023. This significant growth in business establishments has far-reaching positive implications in terms of jobs generation, greater economic activity and increased revenue streams.

For the first time in the history of the Tagbilaran City Government, we have increased the wage rates of all our Job Order workers by an average of more than 40% which is at par with the daily minimum wage in the private sector.  Thank you to Vice Mayor Adam Jala, the 15th Sangguniang Panlungsod and the Local Finance Committee for supporting this initiative.  

Because of my love to our employees, we have provided all City Government employees with free comprehensive health insurance.

We also launched the Jane Cares for You or JCY Wellness Program and learning activities for all city employees, and we organized the first ever Tagbilaran City Women Government Employees Association. 

Rest assured, we will continue to find ways to provide additional benefits and training to our City Hall employees. 

Equally important is the city’s ability to integrate environmental protection to sustain and preserve the natural beauty of our city. 

One of the first activities I initiated was the bamboo tree growing activity on July 2, 2022. Together with the personnel of the City GSO, PNP, BFP in partnership with Mr. Peter Dejaresco of Bohol Chronicle Radio Corporation, we planted bamboo trees in the former city dump site.   Thank you Sir Peter Dejaresco for supporting our tree growing program.  We then, officially launched Project 6300- a tree growing project in Tagbilaran city.  Today, we have planted 2,358 trees under this program. 

I am happy to say that with the support of our Sangguniang Panlungsod and the sponsorship of City Councilor Gemma Inting and co-authored by City Councilor Nerio Zamora II, we now have the Century Old and Heritage Tree Ordinance that will ensure the sustainable management and preservation of our city’s trees. Upon its declaration, the century old or heritage tree will not be cut or destroyed except for medical, public emergency and public safety.

We also take our solid waste management program seriously.  We have conducted information dissemination during the Barangay Assemblies to educate our citizens on proper waste segregation.  We have purchased additional garbage mini dump trucks to complement our existing fleet that are collecting segregated garbage every day.   

The Central Materials Recovery Facility is now fully operational and equipped with Advanced Waste Solution Machine, Multi Purpose Non Bio Shredder, Glass and Food Waste Pulverizer and other equipment.  We intend to procure additional MRF machines including a high technology sorter and conveyor to make garbage processing faster. We are strongly committed to prioritizing and enhancing the solid waste management efforts in Tagbilaran City.

Our city’s efforts on environmental sustainability and responsible waste management have earned us the recognition as the “Best in Dumpsite Closure and Rehabilitation Implementation”. This honor is a testament to our dedication to transforming the dump site into the safe and environmentally friendly space it is today. 

We are also proud that Tagbilaran City received a 5-star rating in the implementation of the Government Energy Management Program in accordance with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of 2019.

In the area of Peace and Order, the city government continues to provide logistical support and allowances to our PNP, BFP and BJMP personnel.

We make use of the CCTVs in monitoring traffic and crime that are linked to the Tagbilaran City Command Center.  The implementation of this enhanced CCTV network enables our security forces to have immediate access to real-time situational information, enabling prompt emergency response, as well as effective crime prevention and resolution. We intend to further strengthen our city’s security by installing more CCTVs in strategic facilities and streets.   

We are pleased to report that our efforts in ensuring peace and order have been significantly enhanced with the addition of the newest Police Community Precinct at barangay San Isidro and the establishment of a reliable 24/7 reporting system called “Isum-bong mo kang Chief Bong!”

We are proud that barangays Cabawan and San Isidro have been declared as drug-cleared barangays by the Regional Oversight Committee on Barangay Drug Clearing. 

For their exceptional work, our Tagbilaran City Police Station achieved a performance rating of 89.39% among all Component Cities’ Police Stations in Region 7 for CY 2022, earning them the award, as Number One in the Unit Performance Evaluation Rating.  

Living and working in Tagbilaran means experiencing first-hand the digitalization of government services, which was my very first Executive Order when I assumed office as Mayor.

We are fully implementing the barangay clearance integration in the 2023 eBusiness Permit and Licensing Portal.  Now, there is no need for our business permit clients to go to the barangays to get their barangay clearance because it is already integrated in the billing statement. 

We further expanded the Enhanced Tax Revenue Collection and Assessment System or eTRACS by opening electronic payment portals allowing clients to choose their preferred payment mode.   

Through digital platforms and online channels, we are able to expand our reach that attracted a broader client base and enhanced revenue streams.  I am happy to report that because of this, we reached 160% increase of online collections this year. 

With our massive digitalization program, we are proud to announce that we have achieved a remarkable increase in the collections of the Tagbilaran City Waterworks System, amounting to an additional 4.5 million pesos. Furthermore, our City Economic Enterprise Office has attained significant growth with gross income soaring to nearly 11 million pesos.

Even our tricycle units, which is the basic mode of transportation in the city, have become digital.  I am delighted to report that they can now receive electronic payments through the Pedicab app, Pazada app, Gcash and Pay Maya.   

We also introduced cashless payment in our public markets through the Paleng-QR Ph Plus. With the help of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas through BSP Deputy Governor Bernadette Puyat and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Tagbilaran is the first city in the whole of the Visayas to adopt Paleng-QR Ph Plus.  With PalengQR Ph Plus, payment transactions in April 2023 have increased to 14 million pesos from 1.4 million in December 2022 or a whopping 900% increase. 

Our digitalization program also extends to our pet registry. Tagbilaran City has the first free microchipping services for pets in the province of Bohol.  This microchip technology will reunite lost pets and help address rabies cases and road accidents.

Our office has likewise undergone a transformation into a virtual mayor’s office, embracing modern technology and digital platforms to enhance our services and engagement with Tagbilaranons.

In partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology, as Tagbilaran City is included in DICT’s 25 Smart Cities Program, we have crafted and launched the Tagbilaran City Digital Roadmap just this week.  This will provide a clear direction for the city’s digital transformation, with the goal of becoming a smart city. It will improve the city’s digital infrastructure, particularly in the areas of e-governance, education, and health services. 

Furthermore, Tagbilaran City received the GCash Digital Excellence Award in Digital Sustainability for 2022 in recognition of the city’s digital innovations especially in providing efficient and reliable cashless payment facilities.   

I firmly believe that civil society engagement is vital for development and democratic governance, as no endeavor can thrive without this collaborative effort. It serves as a powerful reminder that we can drive meaningful change within families, communities, and beyond. 

I would like to express my gratitude to USAID CHANGE Project through our City Governance Coordinator Dr. Rosalinda Parades for their invaluable support in fostering strong connections between the city government and our civil society partners. With the assistance of the USAID CHANGE Project, we have inventoried about 200 CSOs in Tagbilaran City and have increased the number of SP-accredited CSOs to 42%. The CSO membership in local special bodies has likewise increased more than the mandated 50% increase as encouraged in DILG Memorandum Circular No. 083. We have now increased CSO membership in the city development council by 70%; in the Local Health Board to 400%; in the Local School Board by 100% and in the Peace and Order Council by 75%. 

In our efforts to make public service more transparent, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of our people, we are pleased to report that we have established the Tagbilaran City People’s Council, and the Tagbilaran CSO desk, which is the first and only CSO desk in the province of Bohol. 

Through our partnership with the media, we now have a joint strategic communication plan where the city government and media commit to provide our citizens with timely, accurate and clear two-way flow of information. These initiatives clearly show that we give premium to transparency, accountability and good governance.  

We have established a range of programs to support vulnerable populations, uplift low-income families, and enhance the overall well-being of our citizens. 

Because of our love to all Tagbilaranons, we have successfully organized the libreng kasalan sa tagbilaran.  All the couples received free wedding package comprising of the bridal gown, groom’s formal attire, hair and make-up, wedding decoration and documentation, buffet food, wine, two-layered cake, rice cooker and one sack of rice.

Since July 2022, the City Government disbursed the total amount of 20,119,149 pesos for hospitalization assistance under our Baskog nga Barangay Health Program.  

For Tagbilaranons who have encountered financial difficulties because of medical problems and emergencies, we have extended assistance in the total amount of 5,877,238 pesos. 

Our City Social Welfare and Development Office has provided 5,624,313 pesos in financial assistance to individuals in crisis situations. 

Our CSWDO assisted in forming the Tagbilaran City Solo Parents Association. This group provides vital support and resources to single parents, helping them navigate the challenges and ensuring the well-being of both parents and children.

Of course, we pursue the welfare and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities or PWDs.  All PWDs of Tagbilaran received birthday cakes and cash gift. 

Our Senior Citizens remain to hold a special place in my heart.  11,779 Tagbilaran Senior Citizens have received their birthday cakes and cash gift in the total amount of 26,890,200 pesos since July 2022. We were able to give an additional cash gift of 10,000 pesos each to 79 Senior Citizens who have reached 90 years old. 

And we are elated that one Tagbilaranon Centenerian-  Mrs. Marcosa Oclarit Cagas received the amount of 100,000 pesos as additional cash incentive. 

To address the housing needs of our urban poor families, we are happy to announce that we have started the implementation of the Tagbilaran City tenement housing which is the first vertical government housing project in the province of Bohol. This four story “twin towers” housing project is supported by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development.

True to our promise for a womb-to-tomb serbisyong Gugma para sa tanan, we have provided burial assistance in the amount of 15,000 pesos to each of the families of deceased Tagbilaranons.  We also extended other forms of assistance to the bereaved family by providing free use of tents and buses.  

And finally, we are pleased to report that we have started the ground works of our Tagbilaran City Cemetery. This modern cemetery will cater to less privileged Tagbilaranons regardless of religion.  

For all that we have undertaken and in recognition of these remarkable achievements, we are happy that DILG recognized Tagbilaran as 2nd place among Component Cities with the highest number of safety seals issued.

The National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines has recognized Tagbilaran City as No. 1 in the Most Competitive Component Cities in the Visayas. 

We are honored that Tagbilaran City received the Most Business-Friendly Local Government Unit in the entire Philippines awarded by no less than President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.. In turn, these recognition serves as indisputable evidences of the unwavering investor confidence that our city continues to generate.  

To our business community, let me say that we remain committed to sustaining the growth of businesses and fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship.  Tagbilaran City government shall continue to adopt streamlining processes, promoting business-friendly policies, and nurturing a collaborative ecosystem. 

Today, I stand before you with a heart filled with profound gratitude and immense appreciation because what we have envisioned since Day 1 is starting to unfold into reality.  This would not have been possible without the streaming support and efforts of countless individuals and organizations.

First and foremost, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our diligent City Hall family. From the very beginning, you warmly welcomed me and embraced the vision we set forth for Tagbilaran. Your unwavering passion for excellence is an inspiration. To our department heads and staff, I am truly honored and blessed to have such devoted individuals working relentlessly to serve our constituents.

I also extend my sincere thanks to Vice Mayor Adam Jala and each member of the 15th Sangguniang Panlungsod for their swift and timely enactment of high-impact legislations.  We value the close partnership that we have. Your zeal for public service has strengthened our resolve to improving the lives of our people.

Let me acknowledge the hardworking and selfless barangay officials across the 15 barangays of our city. Your efforts have made it possible for us to provide essential social services to our communities efficiently. You are the backbone of our grassroots initiatives, and I commend your exemplary dedication.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight the fruitful collaborations we have with various National Government Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, international aid agencies, our City’s business sector and the members of the media. Your support and partnership have played a crucial role in implementing meaningful programs and projects that directly benefit our constituents. Together, we have forged a strong network of cooperation, making Tagbilaran a shining example of collaborative governance.

I am deeply grateful for our partnership with the Provincial Government of Bohol-  Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado, Vice Governor Dionisio Victor Balite, Provincial Administrator Asteria Caberte, all the board members together with First District Congressman Edgar Chatto for your support and valuable contributions to our shared vision of a progressive Tagbilaran City.

To my beloved family, who have been my rock and constant source of support, I am forever grateful. To my parents, Ondoy and Baby, Daddy John and Mommy Geesnell and my Cajes and Yap families, my brother JG and sister Emily who are with us today, thank you for your unconditional love and endless encouragement. 

To my one and only Baba Yap, your strong belief in me fuels my determination to push forward amidst adversity. And to my precious daughters, Jannah and Jaby, you are my inspiration and the driving force behind my commitment to creating a better future for all.

Last but certainly not the least, my deepest appreciation goes to the people of Tagbilaran. Your trust and confidence in my leadership have been humbling and inspiring.  

In the recent Bohol Poll 2023 conducted by Holy Name University Center for Research and Publications, we received an excellent satisfaction rating of 79%.   

 The RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. also conducted a “Boses ng Bayan” performance assessment survey in which I emerged as one of the top 5 performing first-term city mayors in the entire Philippines and top 2 city mayor in Central Visayas. 

All these recognitions are a testament to our collaboration and the positive impact we have made together. Mao nga daghan daghang salamat Tagbilaranons.  

Above all, I give thanks to our Almighty God for guiding me in the right direction and providing me with the strength to overcome challenges along the way.

In conclusion, our administration has embarked on this ambitious journey, driven by the unwavering commitment to provide comprehensive and efficient services from the earliest moments of life in the womb to the final chapter. 

I am truly blessed and grateful for this privilege to serve as your Mayor, and I pledge to continue working tirelessly for the realization of our Asenso Pa More SERBISYONG GUGMA PARA SA TANAN. 

Ako si Mayor Jane Yap, ang pinaka-unang babaye ug pinaka-batang Mayor sa Syudad sa Tagbilaran og sa tibuok probinsiya sa Bohol.

Daghang salamat ug Asenso Pa More Tagbilaran. 

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