Sandugo 3×80 MTB Adventure Race registrations still open

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:27 PM June 13, 2023

Self-sufficiency and adaptability would be an athlete’s ace in the Sandugo 3×80 cross country Mountain Bike Adventure Race, speeding off July 2, 2023, Sunday at 5:00 AM.

By 3×80, the adventure race would be a team of three, whose combined ages add up to 80, and help each one through navigate and follow the course, adapt to the demands of the situation, pedal together or if not, within visual sight of each other and check in together at checkpoints to depart together for the next checkpoint, or way be disqualified.

Regular registration is ongoing until June 17, late registration when the fee for the team is P3,000, but registration before June 17 is still at P2,500.

Online Registration Link is at: or visit Bike Ta Bai page for the direct link.

A Sandugo month sports cycling opener, the 3×80 MTB adventure race is not just about one’s endurance, but of the team and an opportunity to showcase navigation skills, which is a must for every mountain-biker who veers out of the usual paths.

At least one member of your team should be proficient in GPX route navigation, a global positioning system-enabled route in detailed Global Positioning Exchange file that can be downloaded to the team’s compatible mobile device smartphone app or a bike computer.

Race organizers: Bike Ta Bai, a group of trail enthusiasts said this 3×80 will be in Tagbilaran City trails, and includes a circuit that goes through Baclayon, Alburquerque, Sikatuna, Corella, Balilihan, Antequera and Cortes in a route that would also be more or less 80 kilometers to complete the loop.

And because the race is also recorded in the team’s device, any deviation from the route could be a ground for disqualification, that rugged terrains and stunning landscapes should not be a reason to take a short cut and get to the next way point.

It will be crucial to follow the designated route accurately. Your navigation skills will be put to the test as you make strategic decisions and stay on track to reach each checkpoint. The ability to read and interpret the GPX route effectively will be the key to your team’s success, according to organizers.

Remember, communication and teamwork are essential. Work together with your teammates to navigate through the course, make quick decisions, and overcome any challenges that come your way. Encourage each other, share insights, and ensure that your team stays on course towards victory, Gerry Marmito, bike enthusiast and Bike ta Bai pillar said.

What is important is getting accustomed to the GPX and whet on the navigation skills, make sure at least one member of the team is well-versed in using GPS devices or smartphone apps, this extremely helps.

Bike ta Bai is also dishing out tutorials for GPX, which they can give through their Bike Ta Bai facebook page.

As the race would be about self-sufficiency and making sure one is not a baggage to the team, a good training would come in handy, training on the rigors of single trails, which is a world away from road training.

And then when the team is ready, equipping the team comes in crucial: fully charged mobile phones, external batteries, spare tubes, missing link, extra chain, air pump or oxygen cartridges, hydration bags, trail food and bike protective gear like helmets, sunshades and knee pads.

And when you have that, you would be properly equipped to pedal through breathtaking landscapes, traverse pristine trails, and experience the wonders of the great outdoors while pushing your limits and creating unforgettable memories in the Sandugo 3×80 MTB Trail Adventure Race, July 2, 2023. (PIA-7/Bohol)

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