‘Assassins of Degamo are just foot soldiers, go after their financiers & masterminds,’ says Tutor

By Helen CastaƱo 11:19 AM March 05, 2023

Bohol 3rd district Rep. Alexie Besas-Tutor said that the asassins of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo are just foot soldiers, go after their financiers, commanders and masterminds.

“There must definitely be masterminds who ordered and executed the assassination. Investigators must not stop at catching the gunmen. They must go all the way up to the masterminds,” said Tutor in a statement.

“Foot soldiers always have commanders and commanders always have financiers and masterminds,” she added.

She also asked the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice to assign their best investigators to this case.

“Those investigators must build the strongest case possible based on the physical evidence at the crime scene, eyewitness accounts, guns and vehicles used, and the money that funded the assassination,” said Tutor.

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