By Marisol Bo-oc | 08:04 PM February 19, 2023

After pondering for months, Pauline Amelinckx is returning to the Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) 2023 stage for her third and final shot at the crown.

Amelinckx, the MUP Charity 2022 titleholder, made it to the top 40 candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2023, which was announced by the organization on Saturday night, Feb. 18.

“I’m honestly still super emotional about everything but it’s mostly feelings of happiness, excitement, and a whole lotta GRATITUDE for all the support I’ve been receiving. I’m really lost for words,” said Amelinckx in a Facebook post on Saturday.

She said she felt “super emotional” after expressing her intention to vie for the crown for the third time.

She said joining the local tilt once again was not “a last-minute decision,” and was decided after months as a way of trusting her “gut feeling.”

“A lot of people asked me if this was a last minute decision. but i had been pondering on this for months, [to be honest]. I talked to those I trust and those dear to me. and all the while still receiving sweet and supportive messages [from so] many people,” she said. “I trust my gut feeling. and I feel like I could still step up, bring people together for meaningful causes and be [transformed] myself.”

The beauty queen added it’s her time now.

“I also knew and felt I would regret it if [I didn’t] take this leap of faith for my final round with MUPH. So, I thought if I still have this passion and ambition in me, and the support is overflowing, what the hell am I waiting for? This is my NOW. My PUHON [transformed] into KARUN (someday into present),” she added.

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