By Helen Castaño | 11:51 AM December 30, 2022

Bohol 3rd District Rep. Kristine Alexie Tutor has suggested that telecommunications companies process applicants by batch to avoid tech issues that marred the first few days of registration.

Tutor, one of the lawmakers who authored the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act, said in a statement on Thursday that telcos can adopt a system where registration would be based on either the first and last digits of a mobile number — to prevent massive traffic on their registration sites.

“As one of the authors of HB 0014 which became RA 11934 mandating SIM registration, I have to say that I wish the telco firms had adopted a phased-in incremental strategy on registering the tens of millions of subscriber identity modules, instead of opening the doors wide open all at once,” Tutor said.

She said telcos should instead have a more orderly way based on the first and last digits of the SIM numbers, so not everyone would be registering from everywhere all at once.

She suggested they could simply issue a schedule listing the batches of SIM numbers that should register per week.

“I remind the telcos to be watchful against false information and false identification some might send to their online registration portals. If their vetting processes are not foolproof, then the fools would be able to circumvent RA 11934, fall through the cracks and victimize many with scams, fraud, and other deceptions, ” Tutor said.

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