Bohol Nutrition awardees bared

By Ric Obedencio | 08:00 PM October 02, 2022

The Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC) held its Grand Nutrition Awarding on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at the 4th floor Ceremonial Hall of the Bohol Provincial Capitol, Tagbilaran City. The ceremony awarded Municipalities and Barangays that passed the Monitoring and Evaluation on Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) held on March 2022 until June 2022.

During the ceremony, Dr. Parolita Mission, regional nutrition program coordinator of NNC-7, gave a video message congratulating PNC, the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh), and the awardees for their efforts in maintaining good nutritional programs for Bol-anons.

“Bohol has always been the pride of the Region. The municipalities who’ll receive the awards this afternoon are testaments in setting the motion for a meaningful nutrition program implementation in the province”, Dr. Mission said during her speech at the ceremony.

Governor Erico Aristotle “Aris” Aumentando congratulated the awardees and encouraged them to make Bohol healthier by implementing more programs that educate Bol-anons to make better food choices. He added that PGBh is one with all the LGUs’ fight against malnutrition and will support implementing more nutritional policies in the province.

Here is the Full List of Winners from the 2022 Grand National Awarding Ceremony:

Outstanding Municipal Nutrition Council:
1st. Balilihan
2nd. Alicia
3rd. San Miguel
4th. Trinidad
5th. Ubay
6th, Sikatuna
7th. Catigbian
8th. Sierra Bullones
9th. Candijay
10th. Garcia Hernandez

Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Council By District:

1st Congressional District
1st. Brgy. Boyog Proper, Balilihan
2nd. Brgy. Poblacion, Antequera
3rd. Brgy. Poblacion 1, Sikatuna

2nd Congressional District
1st. Brgy. Baryong Daan, San Isidro
2nd. Brgy. Mahayag, San Miguel
3rd. Brgy. Cambangay, San Miguel

3rd Congressional District
1st. Brgy. Del Monte, Alicia
2nd. Brgy. Cambaol, Alicia
3rd. Brgy. La Union, Sierra Bullones

Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar in the Province:
Nenita P. Molina, Brgy. Mahayag, San Miguel

Outstanding Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinator in the Province:
Charisma G. Tagsa, Municipality of Balilihan

Outstanding Municipal Nutrition Action Officer in the Province:
Dr. Enriqueto L. Acenas, Municipality of Garcia Hernandez

Outstanding Provincial Nutrition Program Coordinator:
Glenda G. Grafilo

Crown Nutrition Maintenance Award:
Municipality of Carmen

NHA Maintenance Award:
Municipality of Talibon
Municipality of Tubigon
Municipality of Calape
Municipality of Inabanga

Best Nutrition Intervention:
Municipality of Balilihan, ZOD Certified in 31 Barangays

Loyalty Evaluators Award
Judith Tuñaco
Hazel Amor Aranas

Service Award:
Larry M. Pamugas, Ph.D., 12 years as Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (rvo/GC)

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