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Total crime incidents in Bohol decreased by 11.5 % or some 462 incidents, a comparative crime picture shown by Camp Dagohoy showed.

Sharing their comparative crime data from January 1 to August 24, in 2021 and of the same period in 2022, Police Superintendent Cheryl Boniao pointed out that the data was be based on peace and order incidents as well as public safety incidents.

Supt. Boniao, who sits as deputy for operations at the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) in Camp Francisco Dagohoy, said that from January 1, 2021 to August 24, 2021, there were 3,997 total crime incidents recorded by the crime statisticians at Camp Dagohoy.

The reports were also from the collected total information as gathered and reflected by the local police stations in 47 towns and Tagbilaran City, based on their police blotter entries.

The female high ranking Camp Dagohoy official, who was presenting the data at the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting for Police Senior Superintendent Osmundo Salibo, also went on to say that in the same period this year, the total crimes dipped even more to 3,535.

In detail, she pointed out that total peace and order incidents in 2021 reached 2,368, while by the same period this year, there were only 1,607 crimes reported.

The 761 cases less forms the 32% decrease in total peace and order incidents, which include crimes punishable by the Revised Penal Code and special laws.

For crimes punishable by the RPC or index crimes in police parlance, January to August 24 in 2021 recorded 481 cases, while this year, that same period showed one crime more.

For crimes punishable by special laws like anti-gambling, illegal drugs, crimes against the Family Code, traffic code violations and other special laws, which the police would refer to as non-index crimes, from 1,887 in 2021, the number is significantly down to 1,125 in 2022.

While index crimes rose by 0.21% for that single case, non-index crimes sagged by 40.38% for the 762 cases staved off.

Camp Dagohoy however is keen on looking at theft and physical abuse, motor napping, homicide as areas of concern.

Supt Boniao reported 12% increase in theft from 153 to 171, 3% increase in physical injuries from 154 to 159, 50% increase in motor-napping from 14 to 21 and homicide with 200% increase from 3 to 9.

The brighter side however is that for theft, of the 171 cases, 125 have been solved, that is, suspects have been traced, identified and cases were filed against them, 30 cases were cleared, meaning suspects have been identified but have remained at large and 16 are yet unsolved, pending future evidences and case developments.

Of the physical injuries, 129 of the 159 reported cases are solved, 29 cleared and only a case remains unsolved.

For motornapping, of the 21 cases, 13 have been solved, 5 are cleared and 3 remain unsolved, while for homicide, of the 61 cases have been solved, 4 cleared and none were unsolved.

When Bohol was rocked with the reported of blatant robberies in broad daylight victimizing delivery agents, Camp Dagohoy said or the 50 cases are three less than last year’s reported robberies.

Of that 50, 26 have been solved, 15 are cleared and only 9 remain to be unsolved but are active yet.

Rape in 2022 also lessened by 32%, or from 65 cases last year to 44, this year. And this early, of the 44 cases, 15 have been solved, 29 cleared and none are unsolved.

Bohol PPO notes no car-napping case this year. (RAHC/PIA-7/Bohol)

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