Bohol records 100 active Covid cases at end of July

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 01:17 PM August 04, 2022

The end of July finds Bohol with 100 cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and about 30 of these in Tagbilaran City.

Of that number, in Tagbilaran City alone, 2 who are vaccinated are asymptomatic of the disease symptoms, the 25 with mild symptoms are all vaccinated, 2 who are suffering from moderate symptoms are unvaccinated and are thus admitted while another one who is unvaccinated is having severe symptoms and is currently admitted at the hospital for proper medical attention.

That is according to City Health Office Information Officer Robin Culpa, who keep an active track of the City’s cases, of which the day records 6 recoveries while new cases reached 8.

While local health authorities are not yet clapping the warning bell anew, the absence of mandatory testing for the presence of the highly contagious virus in the community is making health authorities clueless as to who can be carriers of the virus in the crowd.

These active cases are noted in Bool (3), Booy (2), Cogon (4), Dampas (5), Manga (2), Poblacion 2 (3), Poblacion 3 (1), Taloto (2), Tiptip (6) and Ubujan (2).

From the Bohol Inter Agency Task Force’s Emergency Operations Center (BIATF-EOC), the end of the month would also show only 17 of Bohol’s 47 towns and a city with zero active Covid cases.

This too as Bohol’s Covid vaccination appeared to have coasted after the elections, that even the government mobile vaccination centers are getting lean clients.

In Bohol, while the new administration is setting up for another round of massive vaccinations, the virus which never did disappear found a slouching population attending populated events, gatherings and social events in time for Bohol’s grandest of all festivals.

As of July 30, 2022, Bohol has recorded 688 Covid deaths, 6 more two months ago.

As to the active cases, Tagbilaran records 37 as of 3:30 PM, July 30, followed by Talibon with 5 cases.

Then Loboc, Antequera, Anda and Panglao each records 4 cases each while Inbanga, Corella, Candijay and Sagbayan have 3 cases each.

Two active Covid cases are recorded in Loon, Dauis, Garcia Hernandez, Sierra Bullones, Jagna, Bilar, Buenavista, Ubay, and Sevilla.

Single active Covid cases are noted in Alicia, Sikatuna, Valencia, San Isidro, Danao, Maribojoc, Alburquerque, Carmen, Pres. CPG, Baclayon, Guindulman and Getafe.

Amidst all there and with schools reopening for face to face class engagements next month, people who are now enlightened to finally get the necessary protection are at a quandary where the vaccines can be accessed.

As Bohol mobile vaccination teams are currently off the BISU vaccination site, there has not been any information as to where their vaccines can be had.

In the case of Tagbilaran City, Culpa said they are roving the malls and every Monday, Tuesday, their vaccination team is at AltaCitta Mall, which moves to BQ Mall every Wednesday and then off to Island City mall every Thursday and Friday.

Bohol under Gov Erico Aristotle Aumentado is set to roll out a massive vaccination campaign with mobile fixed and roving teams focusing on the municipalities with the least vaccination performance anytime this month. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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