By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:35 AM July 24, 2022

Thirty-four aspiring beauty queens flying the rainbow flag would be exchanging wits, talent and grace to be hailed Queen of Bohol, and become the ambassadors of advocacies that span from gender acceptance, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning awareness, acceptance and affirmation (LGBTQIA+) to tourism, environment, education and mental health.

The 34 town representatives of the gay culture met the press at the City Hall Atrium as they take on their best posture walking on glitzy tippy tops and off the rack dresses during the sashing ceremonies and Press Presentation held at the City Hall Atrium, July 23.

Then billed as Queen of Bohol Pageant, the Queen of Bohol is back this year, with a refreshed advocacy in gender awareness and acceptance, affirmation, stopping bullying, anti-drugs and addition, HIV awareness, tourism, environment, education and livelihood, says Kim Villamor, pageant consultant.

Participants have to be 18 years old, Boholana by blood, accepts pre operation and post operated transgenders, must be currently living in Bohol and supported by her local government unit.

Queen of Bohol Pageant was produced in pursuit of a paragon of intellect, physical fitness, good character benevolence, equality and inclusivity who can be beacon of the hope for the Boholano as we engage in relevant community and charity work for the tourism industry, organizers said.

This year’s theme; “Raise your flag, stand proud and be amplified,” serves as a conduit to showcase not just the beauty, talent and wit of our transgender Boholanas but to promote equality, acceptance, understanding, respect and love, the project design stated.

The pageant has deep appreciation and understanding of the collaborative potential of beauty pageants which boost the tourism sector, as well as promote the travel, entertainment and beauty industries not just for male and female but as well as the pageant for alternative cultures, especially during this time.

This is not merely just a beauty pageant that showcases beauty but it is for a cause. We extend our helping hands in the humblest ways to our chosen charity or programs who are our beneficiaries.

As the Boholanos are known to be as resilient, friendly, and religious, yet conservative, this is our courageous way of asking for respect understanding and affirmation as we promote gender equality and inclusivity.

Queen of Bohol Pageant is intended to promote the integration of Boholano LGBTQ+ people in the mainstream life in the province, organizers summed.

For more information about their upcoming schedules, check our Queen of Bohol Pageant Page on facebook. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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