By Rey Anthony Chiu | 09:46 AM June 05, 2022

The Department of Agriculture (DA) delivered the government’s commitment to reduce the rice production losses, with a modern P51 million monolithic dome rice seed storage facility it built in Bohol. 

Built right inside the sprawling hectares upon hectares of government property dedicated to agriculture development and research, the rice seed storage facility is reportedly much better than the seven conventional seed storage facilities in the Central Visayas, according to the DA. 

Built out of concrete foundations, the facility uses a dome type of roof, reinforced with iron rebars and polyethylene caulked by airfoam technology that has been designed to withstand 270 kilometer winds. 

The facility is reportedly built to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and other natural or manmade calamities, including fire, and could potentially safe-keep harvests against calamities as long as it is stowed inside the facility, says Jenelyn Yuson, builder of the multi million facility.  

To be built and completed by Dazzling Lite Enterprises after 25 calendar days, the monolithic dome is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved certified disaster proof facility. 

Designed to maintain an internal storage with near zero temperatures, the facility can store about 40,000 bags of rice seeds, enough for two cropping seasons requirement for the Central Visayas, said Agriculture Regional Executive Director Joe Elumba. 

The facility came as a solution to the government’s need to preposition good quality seeds with high germination rate and that can be planted anytime of the year. 

DA-7 has to distribute good quality rice seeds to the four provinces of Central Visayas, Bohol, the biggest of the requirement, DA said.

Putting the facility in Ubay, Bohol’s one of the largest rice producing towns makes farmers’ access to the seeds strategic.  

What the facility can do is make quality rice seeds accessible to farmers anytime of the year, Director Elumba illustrated.

With climate change making cropping seasons unpronounced, farmers are now planting as soon as the rains come, and prepositioning good quality seeds is critical, he added. 

More-over, without the proper storage, seeds deteriorate fast, the germination is severely affected, making huge losses. 

Rice seeds are ideally stored in 25 degrees Celsius or below, and one degree increase in temperature above 25 is 3% loss in germination efficiency.

In Central Visayas’ seven conventional seed storage facilities, the temperature fluctuates from 25 to 33 degrees, racking in almost 45% of losses in harvest, points out Roden Guinto, Dazzling Lite’s consultant.    

The new facility in Bohol, is the country’s biggest, and the first in Central Visayas. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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