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As Senator Manny Pacquiao scheduled talks with leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Moro National Liberation Front, the PROMDI Party standard-bearer underscored the need for utmost sincerity among parties involved in peace negotiations in carrying out provisions of the peace agreement.

Pacquiao had recently discussed his platform of government with former MILF spokesman Eid Kabalu and other key leaders of MILF.

He is scheduled to present the pro-poor, anti-corruption program of the government to MNLF chairman Nur Misuari or his representative.

The dates of the MILF and MNLF meetings were not revealed during a press conference held here.

“I am hoping na ang MILF magka-isa na rin sa isang adhikain sa isang adbokasya na magkaroon ng kaularan ang Mindanao,” Pacquiao said
(I am hoping the MILF will join us in pursuing the advocacy of ensuring progress in Mindanao.) The country’s boxing icon said agreements reached during peace negotiations should be implemented swiftly to ensure permanent success. He lamented that a number of peace negotiations with various rebel groups have failed mainly because of the lack of sincere effort to execute what has been agreed upon. “Pag sinabi ing pag-uusap pangkapayapaan, alam mo ang problem doon lagi na lang pag-uusap pero walang nangyayaring aksyon,” he noted (When we talk about peace, the problem is that it is all talk but no action is taken.) He pointed out that successful peace negotiations should be gauged by concrete proof such as the drastic reduction of impoverished Filipinos. “Nabawasan ba iyong mga mahihirap o lalo pang dumami ang mahihirap, lalo pang lumubog sa kahirapan ang bansa natin. Bakit? Kasi puro lang pangako katulad din ng peace talks na ginagawa nila ilang beses na tapos walang nangyayari, hindi ginagawa (ang napagusapan),” Pacquiao stated. (Have the poor been lessened or have grown in number? Why? Because they resort to promises like in the peace talks that have been repeated a number of time but nothing comes out of it.) “Kailangan kung may pag-uusap , gawin. Hindi iyong pamumulitika lang, hindi iyong pa-pogi lang sa social media o sa mga tao,” he stressed. (If there are talks, do it. But do not allow politics to come in play and do not make yourself look good in the social media and the public). In his discussions with Kabalu and the MILF, Pacquiao declared that he will pursue a shift to a federal form of government should he win the presidency. On the other hand, the senator underscored the need for support from Misuari’s group even as he acknowledged his sincerity in resolving the problems of Mindanao.

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