By Helen Castaño | 10:34 AM April 6, 2022

Jagna Mayor Joseph Rañola endorsed on Tuesday the candidacies of Sen. Panfilo Lacson and Senate President Vicente Sotto III during a proclamation rally at Jagna gymnasium.

At least 2,000 supporters gathered at Jagna gymnasium.

Rañola introduced Lacson and Sotto as the next president and vice president of the Philippines, respectively.

“Idol ko ito, strikto at galit sa korupsyon (Someone I idolize, strict and angry at corruption),” said Rañola of Lacson.

Rañola’s proclamation rally was attended by senatorial candidates Manny Piñol and Dr. Minguita Padilla.

Lacson personally thanked Rañola and other former Bohol officials of Partido Reporma for supporting him.

Lacson likewise thanked the mayor for teaching him ways of analyzing the budget, which helped him further scrutinize the country’s spending bill during deliberations in the Senate.

“There’s one person who taught me everything. The Filipino people owe it to him that there’s a Senator Lacson in the Senate who patiently scrutinizes the budget,” Lacson said. “It was hard at first, but with his guidance, I persevered and learned to scrutinize the budget.”

Rañola also backed Sotto’s vice presidential bid.

“We cannot choose not to support his partner, his partner in service… We cannot disregard his abilities and experience — the next vice president of our country, Sen Tito Sotto,” the mayor said.

At the end of the rally, Rañola, who is running for reelection, raised the hands of Lacson and Sotto.

Earlier, Lacson and Sotto went to the Bohol Provincial Capitol Tuesday morning to pay courtesy to Vice Governor Rene Relampagos.

Lacson said it was a “pleasant surprise”, referring to the reception they received from Capitol employees during their visit to the provincial capitol.

“Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome,” Lacson said

They also attended a dialogue with at least 600 sectoral groups at JJ’s Seafood Village.

He also paid a courtesy with Tagbilaran Bishop Abet Uy.

Uy said it was a “respectful conversation with Sen. Ping Lacson & Sen. Tito Sotto. Listening to a candidate’s “programa de gobierno” is important to making an informed choice.”

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