By Rey Anthony Chiu | 10:11 AM February 19, 2022

Health Care Workers (HCW) and Non-Health Care workers (NHCW) in Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) response could get from P3K to P9K monthly allowance, based on their risks of exposure and work hours rendered.

This as the Department of Health (DOH) puts up P7.919 billion for payment of Covid-19 benefits called One Covid-19 Allowance (OCA) for HCW and NHCW involved in Covid-19 response in both public and private facilities.

As such, the benefits they may get could vary depending on their risks of exposure in different settings in their work place.

The benefits would be given in full, if the beneficiary has rendered at least 96 hours in a month, or it will be pro-rated according to work hours, the guidelines on the Grant of OCA to public and private HCWs and NHCWs in health facilities involved in Covid-19 Response stated.

On this, the basis for the Covid-19 risk exposure classification of HCW would be the DOH Administrative Order No 2022-0001, which was issued January 14, of this year.

By HCW or NHCW, these are personnel assigned in all health facilities involved in Covid-19 response in line with the National Action Plan Covid-19 strategy of Prevention, Detection, Isolation, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Vaccination (PDITR+) strategy.

HCWs comprise the medical and health allied personnel who provide direct health care, while non-HCWs provide technical, administrative, and support care within the health facilities.

By health facilities, the guidelines says they refer to duly licensed or DOH accredited Centers for Health Development (CHDs), Provincial/City/Municipal Health Offices, and Local Government Health Offices, DOH Central Office doing tasks for Covid-19 response in accordance with the latest National Action Plan Against Covid-19.

It may be recalled that Special Provisions (SP) No. 14 of the DOH budget under the Fiscal Year 2022 General Appropriations Act allocated the funds to beneficiaries benefits, regardless of employment status, as long as they are involved in Covid-19 response in all health facilities, including military hospitals, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs),state university hospitals, and private-licensed health facilities.

In the guidelines and condition on the OCA grant, it detailed CHWs as public employees occupying regular, contractual, or casual positions, (full-time or part-time) and those engaged through contract of service (COS) or job order (JO) basis, including duly accredited and registered barangay health workers (BHWs) who physically report for work at their assigned work stations in health facilities on the prescribed official working hours, as authorized by the head of agency/office.

The grant however excludes those HCWs and NHCWs who are engaged without employer employee relationship and funded through non-Personnel Services appropriations budgets, like consultants and experts engaged for a limited period to perform specific activities or services with expected outputs; Laborers engaged through contracts and paid on piecework basis; volunteers, student workers, and apprentices, individuals and groups whose services are through COS or JO, including BHWs, who are not assigned in health facilities involved in Covid-19 response.

For LGUS, the guidelines said, the list of the public HCWs including BHWs would be determined by the local health boards.

The Guidelines for the grant, based on the Department of Budget and management and DOH Joint Circular Further 2022-0001, also said the hours rendered during work-from-home arrangements are included in the count of hours rendered in the grant computations.

For eligible public or private HCW or non-HCW detailed to another government agency, the OCA would be granted by the parent agency.

The JC is made effective, immediately, the JC said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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