By Rey Anthony Chiu | 01:17 PM December 29, 2021

Faced with the problem of fixing 745 kilometers of lateral powerlines wrought by tropical storm Odette, a local power distribution cooperative in Bohol says they can not give any estimate as to when the full power restoration of their service areas can happen as yet.

Local power distributor Bohol Electric Cooperative, in a press statement issued an apology stating they can not provide its consumers with the target date of the full power restoration.

This is due to the extent of damage in power lines wrought by Super Typhoon Odette to their service areas, BOHECO said.

This as the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is now finishing their repairs of the storm-damaged transmission lines so they could already deliver the power to distribution utilities.

Bohol has been shrouded in darkness when the NGCP switched off its supply when the storm Odette also caused an emergency shutdown of the Leyte-Bohol 138kV Submarine Cable last December 16, at 5:40 PM.

According to NGCP spokesperson Betty Betty B. Martinez, severe weather conditions caused by Odette led to sparking on the High Voltage Equipment at Carlos P. Garcia Cable Terminal Station.

The NGCP move proved to be beneficial as strong winds knocked power lines off, toppled electric posts and ruined power transformers, sparing communities from fatal accidenta and electrocution.

BohecoOne Tubigon also explained that after the storm, their people immediately proceeded to road clearing operations to allow utility vehicles and men to perform line assessments.

Then, the power distribution utility provider starts fixing the backbone lines. These are the power lines strung from their substations to service areas in the towns.

This is also to provide immediate. power to government offices and facilitate relief and rescue operations as well as mobilize more assets and resources.

Third in the priority are the lateral lines which bring power to barangays.

BOHECO estimates about 40% of their lateral lines destroyed, this is equivalentbtp 745 kilometers of lines.

As soon as power is already available in the barangays, then the linemen will methodically tap streets and blocks as well as cluster of houses that have been disconnected.

This too as BOHECO men make sure there are no issues with faulty house wires and trouble shooting is done before restoring power to houses.

As this happened, aa of December 24, BOHECO, along with a Bayanihan of augmentation linemen from across the country, reports already some 64 holes dug for reerection of fallen and broken power posts alon the Baclayon to Albur service areas.

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