By Rey Anthony Chiu | 06:47 AM November 21, 2021

With 961,872 individuals in Bohol’s master list for vaccination against the dreadful effects of coronavirus disease, Bohol has attained 31% vaccination accomplishment, data from the Bohol Inter Agency task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Diseases showed.

In its November 18, 2021 report, BIATF showed that Bohol vaccination teams have reached out and inoculated with the complete Covid-19 doses some 299,629 individuals.

This is 31% of the 70% of the master listed individuals for the vaccine.

The data however is 21.48%, if the baseline data is the over-all population of Bohol.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in its 2020 census said Bohol has a total population of 1,394,329.

Health experts and epidemiologists have theorized that a community can attain its herd immunity, or that tipping point where COVID would not any affect anyone in the community, at 70% of the general population.

While Bohol health officials have master listed 961,872 in its vaccination prioritization, the figure is still 68.98% of the latest population count.

Meanwhile, BIATF also said that vaccination teams in Bohol have reached out to 347,076 individuals who have received their initial doses against the viral disease that has since killed 574 Boholanos since May of 2020.

While the BIATF reports this as 36%, or exactly 36.08%, the figure is actually 36.08% of the target 70% of the already low number of individuals in the list.

Considering the total population of Bohol as to the PSA, vaccination teams have achieved 24.89%.

As of Nov 18, BIATF also said that Bohol has since received 874,512 vaccine doses and have administered 646,705 of these to Boholanos from March 6 up to two days ago.

This leaves some 227,807 doses of Covid vaccines in the Bohol Emergency Operations Center stockpile.

In the last 10 days, Bohol vaccination teams have added 123,700 individuals in the list of vaccinated residents.

This also equals to a daily vaccination average of 12,370 individuals.

With the recent executive orders which the governor issued, vaccinations are expected to accelerate within the next 10 days.
The national government is designation November 29 to December 1 as three-day national simultaneous vaccination operations, timing it with the National Heroes Month.

Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez has said that this should tell people who get vaccinated in those days that they too are heroes. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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