By Helen Castaño | 09:33 AM October 16, 2021

Is it true that the snakes found in the Cogon market in Tagbilaran City are “pets” of the fairies?

There are stories from residents of Barangay Cogon, Tagbilaran City and the vendors that the snakes seen in the market are pets of the fairies living in the balite tree.

Gina Negro, one of the vendors, said it is only normal for vendors to see snakes in the market.

“But we’re not scared either because we’re used to it. Although there are other shoppers who are scared when they see them,” Gina said.

John Mark Estillore, the famous “Snake King of Cogon” has caught many snakes including a three-meter python last Tuesday.

However, every snake he catches he will definitely return it to the balite tree.

“They also talk about how it is kept by fairies. That’s why I’ll just return it back,” said the 20-year-old charmer.

There have been stories that there was a resident who caught a snake but he didn’t return it to the balite tree. Days after, the man got sick and died.

The original Cogon snake charmer was Francisco “Angke” Vertulfo Jr. who now lives in Cortes town.

Last Tuesday (Oct 12) people and motorists were greatly alarmed after a snake that reached more than six feet in length, was seen twisting the power wire around 8 pm (Oct. 12, 2021 ).

It tried to cross to the other electric post.

However, due to its heavy weight, the snake, later identified as a reticulated python, fell.

Estillore returned it to the balite tree. Because it is customary to return it when a snake is found.

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