By Marisol Bo-oc | 8:52 PM October 11, 2021

Tagbilaran Bishop Abet Uy on Sunday said the the ‘ripa’ scam in the province should served as a lesson that we should not dream of money that is easy to get.

“Dili na ta mangandoy anang kuwarta nga makuha sa dinali-an. Mas maayo nang atong hago-an kay sigurado nga kini atong ampingan, ug dili usikan,” he said.

He also expressed deep concern and asked the faithful to pray for the victims.

“Luoy kaayo ang mga biktima sa scam, ilabina ang mga kabus tang kaigsoonan.
Atong i-ampo nga ang tigpasiugda niini madakpan aron dili sila modaghan.
I-ampo sab nato ang mga biktima nga sila makadawat sa nahitabo ug makabawi sa laing panginabuhi-an,” the prelate said.

He said he is hopeful that the painful experience should serve as a lesson to everyone.

“Hinaut nga kitang tanan makakat-on og bililhong leksyon gikan ning sakit nga kasinati-an,” he said.

“Ripa” victims went to Camp Francisco Dagohoy Heaquarters over the weekend to ask help from police to recover their money after they were scammed.

“Collectors” and “resellers” asked police to track down the “administrators” of the “ripa.”

In Panglao, some investors stormed the house of a “collector” after she failed to release the payout today. Some inventors even tried to barricade the place and demanded payment.

Another “collector” was cornered in Panglao after she attempted to escape.

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