By Rey Anthony Chiu | 08:54 PM October 01, 2021

September left leaving a wake of unusually high number of dead bodies strung from the first day until 9:00 PM of the last day of the month: 181 to be exact.

The sheer number of deaths caused by the ravaging coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was by far the highest in Covid history of Bohol.

It was in May 2020, when the first Covid-19 death in Bohol happened.

Since May to December of 2020, Bohol tallied 17 deaths.

By January to March 2021, some ten deaths have been added, making the mortality sum at 27.

Some 13 deaths were added after April, bringing the Covid death count to 40.

In May, another 14 Boholanos died of Covid, a figure which doubled by June 2021 with 33 deaths added to the count.

In July, the BIATF “fixed the dashboard,” resulting in the accounting of unreported Covid deaths which brought out some 199 more deaths including those also who died weeks before.

As August started with 199 deaths in the tally, another 78 deaths were noted towards the end of the month bearing Bohol some 277 deaths in the cumulative count.

Last September, from 277 at the beginning of the month, the figure catapulted to unprecendented heights at 461, with 184 more deaths.

From the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Disease, Covid has claimed 277 Boholano lives when September stepped in.

Thirty days later, the death count has skyrocketed to 461, as to the records displayed in the Emergency Operations Center of the BIATF, based in the Provincial Health Office.

At 181 deaths in just 30 days, Bohols Covid cases give a daily death count of 6 for the month.

Compared to August’s daily death count average at 2.3, September is simply a 250% increase, data from the BIATF’s Province of Bohol Covid-19 update shows.

In fact, compared to the national morbidity average, Bohol’s record is higher.

For September 30, for example, there were 2,933,565 cumulative total cases in the country, according to the World Health Organization’s Covid dashboard.

That same day, the cumulative death in the country has reached 37,686, while leads to a Covid mortality rate of 1.2 per 100 Covid positive cases.

Mortality rate here is defined as the number of persons who have the disease who died, over the cumulative cases in a specific location in a specific time period.

In Bohol, September 30’s Covid tracker had a cumulative total of 18,206 confirmed Covid cases.
That same day, the cumulative death record for the province of 1,294,329 population and 18,206 confirmed cases is 461.

Covid mortality rate then in Bohol as of September 30 is 2.5, or a 200 percent more than the national rate. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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