By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 11:11 AM September 03, 2021

At seven deaths recorded in a day, coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc among the local population especially with the recent information that the dreaded Delta variant did not just lie there when their hosts got immediate burial.

Although reported only last September 2, the 7 recorded deaths turned out to be tallied in August 30, based on the line graph which Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force for the management of Emerging infectious Disease shared to the Strategic Communications Cluster, September 2.

The said line graph also featured a monthlong daily tracker of Covid-related deaths in Bohol, from August 2 (not July 2 as headlined in the same graph) to September 2.

In the graph, the first half of the month showed 26 deaths, while the second half of the month showed 51 deaths, which is almost double the number of the first 15 days.

While the first 15 days in the graph showed 1.7 deaths on a daily average, the second 15 days in the graph showed a daily death average of 3.4.

As this happened, San Miguel Mayor Virgilio Mendez, in a radio interview told Boholanos that of the later cases of Delta variants in Bohol would be from a San Miguel resident who died last July 18.

While the remains of the dead was buried immediately, local authorities did not know that samples from the dead were sent to the Philippine Genome Center for genome sequencing analysis.

And as the community was embroiled in keeping everyone safe from the virus which has caused a queer local surge in the disease, the authorities received the genome sequencing results only last August 28.

The result was nothing they expected, according to Mayor Mendez, who used to head the country’s investigation bureau.

Later did they learn that their resident had the delta variant, and may have started infecting those who got close to the patient even before he died.

As of September 2, 2021, or a month and a half after the town’s first confirmed Covid delta variant case, the effects are still visible.

On Sept 2, San Miguel records 112 active cases, the town with the second most cases after Tagbilaran City’s 266.

Tagbilaran City had also two Covid Delta variant cases reported recently.

Apart from Tagbilaran City and San Miguel, another case of a Covid Delta variant is in Baclayon.

On September 2, Baclayon also recorded 15 active cases. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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