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EAGER TO GET SHOT. Crowd control became an issue with Camp Dagohoy after word spread that the vaccination center there inoculated Johnson and Johnsons single dose vaccines for police and uniformed servicemen. OFWs and walk in aspirants jammed the camp entrance hoping to get shot and beat the deployment call or the rogue delta variant. (PIABohol/foto by RVO)

In five months, and despite a debilitating problem of lack of arriving vaccines that could be crucial in protecting communities from the fatal effects of the coronavirus disease, Bohol still fully vaccinated 31.66 % of its target individuals in its initial priority master list.

That means Bohol vaccination teams have given the complete double doses or single Johnson and Johnsons vaccine dose to 99,897 Boholanos as of 9:00 AM of August 5, according to the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

The PHO hosts the Provincial Vaccination Operations Center, which oversees the vaccine roll-out operations in the province.

It may be recalled that the government through the Department of Health directed the local government units to prepare a master list of individuals in priority groups who will first get the vaccines as they arrive, making sure persons who are at most risk would be served first.

Bohol put up a vaccination master list of its own composed or 42,949 health care workers who are working in the front lines comprising A1 priority group and 110, 592 senior citizens comprising A2 priority group.

Vaccination report as of Aug. 5, 2021.

For A3 priority group or persons and individuals with comorbidities, Bohol listed some 31,927 individuals; and an estimated 130,000 workers in the essential sectors who would comprise A4 priority group.

Over all, Bohol has 315, 468 individuals in the master list.

Of the figure, a total of 99,897 individuals from A1 through A4 have completed their two doses of single J&J single dose by August 5.

Another 91, 644 from all priority sectors have also received the initial dose of the vaccines that scientists believe would help keep the coronavirus disease (COVID) at bay, or at least protect the fully vaccinated form a serious case of COVID or death.

The country’s Bureau of Food and Drugs has said that vaccine studies have reported no hospitalizations or death from vaccinated people who still had COVID infections.

Based on the PHO reports, since march 6, 20201 when the first CIVID-19 vaccines arrived in Bohol and started the snowballing national vaccination program roll-out, Bohol has since received 273,610 vaccine doses.

These are from Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Sputnik and the recently arrived J&J.

As of August 6, while vaccinations all over Bohol continued with Tagbilaran City even offering 5 mobile vaccination buses to serve its constituents who are incapable of going out to vaccination sites, and Camp Francisco Dagohoy opening up for massive vaccination programs, Bohol reported some 82,069 vaccine doses still available for inoculations before the vaccines in Bohol run out. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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