Netizens make memes as PNP implements ‘Tiny bubbles’ in NCR

By Marisol Bo-oc | 03:32 PM August 06, 2021

Nora Aunor’s album cover featuring her song “Tiny Bubbles” in her 1971 hit album “Blue Hawaii.”

Memes and quips sprouted on social media after the Philippine National Police chief said that a “tiny bubbles” policy will be implemented in Metro Manila to regulate movement during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar said that the police will implement “tiny bubbles” in Metro Manila during the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

What the police chief meant was all cities in Metro Manila would be considered individual bubbles.

“From one large bubble, including the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal, the NCR will shift to tiny bubbles,” Eleazar said.

Exemptions to the non-crossing of borders are authorized persons outside of residence (APOR) who are physically reporting for work, those needing medical assistance and who needed to go to their scheduled vaccinations.

The rest of the APOR would not be allowed to travel to another city.

But some netizens were thinking otherwise.

The police’s introduction of the term “tiny bubbles” prompted the birth of memes and quips on social media.

“Pearly shells na kasunod kaya umayos kayo,” a Reddit user quipped in response to the term.

A Twitter user shared a picture of girls dressed in Hawaiian hula outfits with a text that reads “Pearly Shell vs. Tiny Bubbles.” The girls, according to the edited picture, “represent” the NCR cities.

A cartoonist-satirist with the username “Cartoonist Zach” shared an illustration of Eleazar blowing bubbles while a representation of the virus causing Covid-19 pops it.

Its social media caption is the same term that the top cop has introduced.

Some have quipped of appointing screen icon Nora Aunor as the “NCR Tiny Bubbles Czarina,” a reference to the “czar” titles of officials leading the national government’s Covid-19 response.

Others edited Eleazar’s face into Nora’s album cover featuring her song “Tiny Bubbles” in her 1971 hit album “Blue Hawaii.”

For titos and titas, “Tiny Bubbles” is a popular Hawaiian song in the 60s and 70s. It’s also a favorite dance number during school programs in its heydays.

The “Blue Hawaii” album also contains another of Nora’s hits, “Pearly Shells.”

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