By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 08:50 PM July 10, 2021

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The countdown to leveling off the curve in Bohol’s coronavirus disease (Covid-19) affectation starts with the Provincial Health and Office (PHO) reporting 31,936 fully vaccinated Boholanos, as of July 7, 2021.

As to Acting Provincial Health Officer Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez, citing health experts, as soon as a locality vaccinates 30% of its population, the place should have attained a flattened curve.

A flattened curve means the degree of the viral disease affectation levels off from its increasing trend, Dr. Lopez hints during the recent Kapihan sa PIA.

With the population of Bohol now at 1.3 million, 30,000 is nearly 1% of the 390,000 which should comprise the 30 percent of the local population.

The national government has rolled-out the national vaccination program in Bohol last March 6, believing that only by vaccination can the government keep communities protected of the viral disease that has killed 85 Boholanos since March of 2020.

Since then, after four months, Bohol vaccination teams have inoculated a total of 102,511 Boholanos from the medical and health front lines, senior citizens, persons with comorbidities and a few workers in the tourism frontline services, a report from the Provincial Vaccination Operation Center revealed.

Vaccinating at a daily average rate of 854 Boholanos, local vaccination program rollout observers noted a very low turn-out, data from the PHO showed.

Huge part of the low vaccination accomplishment however is far from what many think as refusal of the locals to get vaccinated.

There is a slow delivery of the vaccines from the national government, both Bohol Mayors William Jao of Tubigon town and Hilario Ayuban Loay shared.

In Bohol for example, health authorities at the Provincial Vaccine Operations Center have received 142,830 doses if Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Sputnik and Pfizer vaccines since March 6, according to PHDO.

Of that number, some 100,167 doses have been administered, the 42,663 balance would be spent in the next few more days of vaccination operations, health sources said.

According to Dr. Lopez, a vaccination center in Bohol has been trained to accomplish an average of 150 shots a day.

With an average of 1 vaccination center for each town and about a few more in Tagbilaran, Bohol’s daily vaccine accomplishment could go over an estimated 7,500 doses a day for all its vaccination sites.

But then, the problem is that, there has not been any definite schedule of deliveries of the vaccines, shares Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez, Acting Provincial Health Officer.

The issue on the delivery of the vaccines to Bohol however is also dependent upon the vaccines that Manila receives from the international facilities like COVAX and the United Nations World Health Organization as well as the donations from other countries.

Reports have surfaced that there are already countries allegedly hoarding vaccine doses which are many times more that they need, while the poorer countries can only gape awaiting for the delivery of the vaccines for their people. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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