By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 05:41 PM May 24, 2021

Total crimes in Bohol in the first four months of 2021 decreased to about a thousand crime cases, compared to the same period of 2020, Provincial Police Office records bare.

According to Bohol Police Provincial Office Operations Officer Major Norman Nuez during the recent online Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting last week, total crimes from January to April 2020 reached 3,008, this dove 32.28% less when the first four months of 2021 tallied 2,037 cases only.

Police Major Nuez reported in lieu of new Bohol Provincial Police Chief Police Senior Superintendent Osmundo Salibo, who was also on his first PPOC appearance after taking over the command flag in Bohol last month.

Of the 2,037 total crime cases in 2021, 1,200 of these were peace and order incidents, which, to note is 40.6 percent compared to the 2,023 peace and order incidents in 2020.

The remaining 837 of the 2,037 total crimes in 2021 were public safety incidents, Major Nuez pointed out.

And from the 985 public safety incidents in 2020, the figure still managed to go down to 837, or some 15.03 percent less, Camp Dagohoy operations chief read the data prepared by crime statisticians in there.

And as to peace and order incidents, the 489 total index crimes in the first four months quarter of 2020 went down to 218 in the same period this year; Bohol police recording 55.42 percent downtrend.

Moreover, with 1,534 total non-index crimes in 2020, the figure sagged to 982, the difference of 552 comprises the 35.98 percent decrease.

In the breakdown of the Philippine National Police’s eight crimes in focus, Camp Dagohoy notes the a decrease of seven of the eight crimes in focus, except for murder which registered an 11 percent increase, or from 18 cases in the first four months of 2020 to 20 cases this year.

Of these crimes, theft and robbery, which are top concerns for tourism and investment provinces like Bohol, authorities tallied a 64 % decrease for both, rape at 50 percent down, physical injuries at 43 percent, homicide at 71 percent, motor-napping at 82 percent and carnapping at 100 percent decrease.

As to the non-index crimes, the same decrease is recorded in 48.54 percent of the other non index crimes in 2020 at 151 to 265 in 2021. And to the rest, which are of basically special laws, from 1,919, crimes dipped to 717 for a 24.64 percent downtrend.

Over this reports, PSSupt Salibo has since completed his inaugural visit to stations and command conferences with his officers, is expected to lay down his administrative agenda for Bohol peace and Order and draw the lines in the police commitments to the ongoing state of community quarantine and internal security operations as President Rodrigo Duterte as issued his order of ending local communist armed conflict in his remaining next few months of stay in power. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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