By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 12:25 AM April 11, 2021
The first vaccination in Bohol at the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital.

As of April 5, 2021, Bohol’s consumption rate for the coronavirus disease rates at 98.8 percent, the highest in the region at that time and a sterling proof that medical front liners are aware of the risks they are taking to keep coronavirus disease (Covid-19) from causing further damage to the society than it has.

Thus reports nurse and National Immunization Program coordinator for Bohol, Macchiavelia Loida Caliao, during the recent Kapihan sa PIA.
Caliao, who also sits in the Provincial

Vaccination Operations Center, keeps track of the Bohol masterlist of prioritized individuals according to the national deployment and vaccination plan.
With the number of vaccines that arrived as against the persons in the masterlist, Bohol has hit almost a hundred percent.

The few medical front liners as prioritized who did not get the vaccines are those at the moment of vaccination, had high blood pressure, in quarantine and or were positive of the virus, she said.

For those front-liners who were having high blood pressure, had fever or were in quarantine at the time of vaccination, the vaccine would have to be deferred to another date.

Front liners who also got positive for COVID can not be vaccinated until 90 days from date of recovery, according to health protocols.

The initial results among medical frontliners however is way notches higher than what the general population has been airing out when the vaccination started.

May reportedly would want to refuse the vaccine fearing the serious adverse effects that social media have been highlighting.

“Yes, there are after effects: numbness or pain in the vaccinated area, fever, headache, but these are all mild and manageable,” says Medical Specialist at the Provincial Health Office, Dr. Fruserma Mary Uy.

“The risks of vaccination far outweigh its benefits,” she added.

Admitting that there are still a lot of Boholanos who are not sold out, carrying apprehensions and muddled by fake news, Uy who also sits as Bohol Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) Isolation Facility Head assured, vaccination side effects are mild and manageable and adverse events are rare.

Calling people to line up for the vaccination, Uy, who also heads the Provincial Mental Health Program, stressed that vaccination is the best way to get the country the herd immunity that is aspires to attain to make Covid-19 insignificant.

The assurance came even when the Provincial Vaccination Operation Center reports 98.8% consumption rate for the vaccines that arrived.
Nurse and National Immunization Program coordinator Machiavelia Loida Caliao said the vaccination plan shich started its implementation last March 5, went with few hitches.

“We started with Sinovac jabs for Gov Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital medical front liners, and from March 14-20, we continued with AstraZeneca for Public and private hospital front liners, Rural Health Unit front liners and Local Government Unit hospitals,” Caliao relayed.

Last March 19-21, “we had rollouts of the vaccines Sinovac and Astrazeneca to Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams as well as Municipal Isolation Centers’ frontliners,” she shared too.

In fact, this week, Bohol has started to give the second dose of the vaccines, as Sinovac second dose is set after 28 days, this too as Bohol is finalizing its masterlist of senior citizens as second in the priority list, Caliao reported.

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