By J. Jala | 04:30 PM April 07, 2021
Police nabbed Eden Dacaldacal. Photo: Contributed

A woman from Tagbilaran City was arrested after pretending to be a judge so she could extort money from victims, police said.

Eden Dacaldacal, 34, a resident of Lamdagan Street in Barangay Cogon, was arrested Sunday night, April 4 in a pension house in Barangay Cogon, Tagbilaran City.

Dacaldacal allegedly created a Facebook account using the name of Judge Jennifer Chavez-Marcos, presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) 2 in the said city.

The fake account added friends. The poser then asked those she added if they have friends or relatives presently detained or imprisoned. The poser would promise to help in bailing them out in exchange for money.

The first fake account “Judge Jenefer ChavezMarcos” was taken down after an hour it was created.

Another account “Jenefer Chavez Marcos” was created. It has 300 friends.

Operatives of the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit (RACU) 7 and the Tagbilaran City Police Station conducted an entrapment operation.

RACU said that during their sting operation, a friend of Marcos who was one of those contacted by Dacaldacal met with the suspect supposedly to pay P2,000 in exchange for the release of a detained individual. They agreed to meet at the pension house.

Screenshot from the Facebook post of Judge Jennifer Chavez-Marcos.

Operatives apprehended Dacaldacal immediately after the transaction.

“It appears that the modus of poser Judge Jenefer ChavezMarcos using my name is to ask “new friends” if they have friends or relatives presently detained or imprisoned. The poser would then ask for favors in cash or kind with a promise that the poser will do something for the detainee,” Marcos said in her official Facebook account.

“Please people spread awareness. That account is fake. Never will I ask for any favor in exchange for a favorable decision. My real friends know me too well to believe that crap. 😡,” she added.

It was learned that Dacaldacal was jailed for three years for drugs charges.

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