By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 12:17 AM April 05, 2021
Police Regional Office in Central Visayas. Photo: PRO-7

All over the region in Central Visayas, the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 has recorded 8,543 total crime incidents (TCI) for January to March 15, 2021, as against 13,931 crimes recorded in the same period last year.

This then translates to a 38.7% decrease in crimes in the region, much of the crimes curbed due to a more visible police force and the setting up of quarantine control points as well as the visible impacts of Corona virus disease (COVID) pandemic, PRO-7 said.

The decrease in crimes which totalled to 5,388, is seen largely in the Philippine National Polices’ tracking in its crime information reporting and analysis system (CIRAS) also reflects lesser crimes in its 8 focused crimes, according to PRO-7 reports.

Based on the police reports, for easier appreciation, they categorized crimes comprising the TCI into Peace and Order Indicator (POI) which refers to the totality of Index and Non-Index Crimes and reflects the peace and order situation; and the Public Safety Indicator (PSI) which accounts to the totality of vehicular incidents and other quasi-offenses punishable under the Revised Penal Code.

In a pie-chart presentation, reports showed crimes under the POI to be 59.51% while the remaining 40.49% are traffic-related incidents (TRI) and other quasi-offenses.
Compared to the same period last year, POI decreased by 39.8% recording 5,084 cases for January to March 15, 2021, the same down trend is also noted in the crimes under PSI, where a 37% or 2,029 lesser cases is reported.

In fact, across the region, Siquijor Provincial Police Office posted a 65.7 % decrease followed by Mandaue City Police Station at 49.6 % and Bohol Provincial Police Station at 47.6%.

When a decrease in crimes have been noted in the beginning months of 2021 as against the beginning months of 2020, across the region, for the month of February 2021 compared to January 2021, police crime statisticians in the regional office saw a 3.9% decrease of the region-wide data.
The 140 crimes decrease is reflective of the same down trends in crimes reported by the different police offices of the region.

This is however not true for Mandaue CPO which saw an increase of 9.3% or 31 more cases.

As to Peace and Order Indicator (POI) which sums up the Index and Non-Index Crimes, RPO7 observed 1.8% decrease or 40 cases less.

POI or simply the crime rate refers to the number of crime incidents in a given period of time for every 100,000 inhabitants of an area.

Majority of POI cases are categorized under Non-Index which includes all police-initiated operations, while Index Crimes including Focus Crimes also comprise a sizable chunk.

In a pie chart showing the distribution of Peace and Order Indicator (POI) its shows that 84.11% are Non-Index Crimes and 15.89% are Index Crimes.

The small noted decrease is due to the slight increases in crimes as noted in Cebu PPO, Bohol PPO, Mandaue City PO and Lapulapu City PO.

As to POI, the Crimes Against Persons decreased by 48.9% recording 378 cases lesser for the period in review while Crimes Against Property decreased by 66.4% recording 424 compared to the 1,261 cases of the same period in 2020.

As to the 8 Focus crimes or Index Crimes, the region recorded a significant 11.59% decrease, which the PRO7 attributed to the decrease of cases of theft, physical Injury, murder, homicide and motorcycle carnapping.

As to the 8-Focus Crimes, noted was an over-all 59.9% decrease, with 802 cases for January to March 15, 2021 compared to the 2,001 cases recorded for January to March in, 2020.

Traffic-Related Cases which resulted to Homicide, Physical Injury and Damage to Property fall under Public Safety Indicator, explains the PRO-7 official.

The over-all number of cases decreased by 2,028 or 37% for the period in review.

As to the average monthly peace and order crime rate, which simply means number of crime incidents in a given period of time for every 100,000 inhabitants of an area, the average monthly peace and order crime rate of PRO7 decreased by 42.78% with averaged 16 cases per 100,000 population for January to March 15, of 2021.

The Average Monthly Index Crime Rate (AMICR) of the region also decreased by 61.74% with a computed 5.39 cases reported per 100,000 inhabitants in the period from January to March 15, 2021.

As to their assessment, regional police officials said peace and order situation region-wide is considered manageable due to the sustained and effective delivery of public safety services and added that they are confident that the decline of POI will continue as the PNP intensifies its campaign against all forms of criminalities as well as enhancing the skills and capabilities of all PNP personnel in facing the different challenges especially brought about by the pandemic. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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