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Binignit is a popular dessert and one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos. It is very easy to make- add all the ingredients in a pot, stir it and wait for the ingredients to cook.

During the Holy Week, the Visayans particularly, Cebuanos, cook and eat binignit during Good Friday. They do it as a sign of fasting.

It has also become an unwritten tradition to eat binignit during the Holy Week, even though the binignit has existed way before the Spaniards came and Christianized us.

Filipinos traditionally prepare binignit during the Holy Week because the ingredients for the sweet stew don’t contain any meat. Christians are encouraged to fast and abstain from eating meat during Holy Week.

In Bohol and some parts in Mindanao, people call binignit as
tabirak or timurak, tinurak.

Over the years, several ingredients have been added to the original Binignit recipe, but it is basically made with coconut milk, water, taro(gabi), ube, sweet potatoes, and saba bananas.

Cooking binignit is quick and easy.

Everything should be straightforward provided that all the ingredients are prepared beforehand.


coconut milk
brown sugar
sweet potato
saba banana
sago or purple tapioca pearls or landang (also known as palm flour jelly balls)
rice flour

-Combine water, glutinous rice and sago in a cooking pot. Let boil.
-Stir the mixture. Add sweet potato, purple yam, saba banana, ripe jackfruit, and gabi.
-Cover the pot. Continue to cook in medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes until all the sweet potato, yams, and gabi are soft.
-Add coconut milk. Stir.
-Add sugar. Stir. Cover and continue to cook for another 5 minutes.
-Transfer to a serving plate. Serve

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